Orbital ATK conducts live-fire demonstration of MK44 Bushmaster chain gun

Orbital ATK has demonstrated the MK44 Bushmaster chain gun’s firing capabilities at Big Sandy Range in the US state of Arizona.

During the demonstration, the weapon was used to fire 30mm and 40mm ammunition at a variety of adobe, concrete block and steel panel targets.

The MK44 chain gun was mounted to a Kongsberg Protector turret and General Dynamics Land Systems light armoured vehicle.

Orbital ATK Defense Systems Group Armament Systems Division vice-president and general manager Dan Olson said: “The MK44 is quickly becoming the most sought after medium-calibre cannon.

"The MK44 is quickly becoming the most sought after medium-calibre cannon."

“Today’s battlefield call for greater standoff and increased firepower is driving new combat vehicle platforms to include larger guns and advanced ammunition types. The same is true for upgrade programmes.”

The company also demonstrated its 40mm programmable air burst munitions (PABM) with dramatic effects on a replicated target set in a combat-defilade position.

Orbital ATK is working with General Dynamics Land Systems and Kongsberg to upgrade the US Army’s Second Cavalry Regiment’s Stryker fleet with a similar system that integrates the Protector MCT-30 turret and the XM813 variant of the MK44 30mm Bushmaster chain gun

When deployed, the complete Stryker system is said to enhance protection, firepower, reliability and effectiveness through the addition of a vehicle main gun.

Image: An armoured vehicle shooting Mk44 Bushmaster II. Photo: courtesy of Irish Defence Forces.