GDELS’ Piranha V selected for Danish Army’s APC replacement programme

The Danish Ministry of Defence (MoD) has selected General Dynamics European Land Systems' (GDELS) Piranha 5 infantry fighting vehicle for its armoured personnel carrier (APC) replacement programme.

Awarded through GDELS-Mowag, the contract covers the supply of a minimum of 206 new APCs, with the exact number to be determined at a later date.

General Dynamics European Land Systems president Alfonso Ramonet said: "We are confident that this programme and the Piranha 5 in particular will guarantee the best protection for the Danish troops and provide the best value for the Danish industrial base.

"We will work with the Danish Ministry of Defense, our local industry partner Falck Schmidt Defense Systems and other Danish industry to provide the best solution and to meet our customer's requirements on turn-around time, on-time delivery, cost-effective support and best value."

The Piranha V will replace the Royal Danish Army's ageing fleet of M113 tracked vehicles.

"We are confident that this programme and the Piranha 5 in particular will guarantee the best protection for the Danish troops."

The APC competed against Nexter System's wheeled VBCI vehicle and BAE Systems' tracked CV-90, FFG Flensberger's G5 protected mission module carrier, and GD's Santa Barbara Sistemas subsidiary's ASCOD-2 vehicle to win the contract.

The army operates 632 heavily armoured M113s in different configurations, such as APC, command vehicles, repair vehicles, fitters vehicle, TOW carrier, ambulance, and combat engineers vehicle, as well as tactical air control party carrier and fire-fighting vehicle.

Danish Defence Minister Nicolai Wammen said: "Our current vehicle has served the army well for many years, and will continue for some time yet, but with Piranha 5 we have found the armoured personnel carrier that can best solve the defence tasks in the future."

While the MoD refused to disclose the total number of vehicles acquired, DefenseNews reported that the number is likely to increase above 400 depending on how much of the M113 fleet they replace.

A variant of the fifth generation of the Mowag Piranha family of vehicles, the Piranha V is an armoured multi-role wheeled vehicle with a high payload and a large internal volume, and provides protection against a range of current and future threats.