GD wins £175m contract to upgrade UK military communication system


The UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) has contracted General Dynamics UK (GD) to provide enhanced communications technology to the nation's armed forces.

Announced by UK Defence Secretary Michael Fallon, the £175m contract will see the company provide upgrades to Bowman tactical communications equipment used by the UK military.

It also covers the supply of 12,000 new data terminals for headquarters and soldiers, as well as vehicles such as ships and aircraft.

UK MoD's Battlefield and Tactical Communications and Information System delivery team head brigadier Richard Spencer said: "This contract will replace the data terminals and update software across the Bowman system to ensure ease of use, more rapid and robust data services and improved interoperability.

The deal will provide the army with the best possible tactical communications equipment for the foreseeable future.

"This contract will replace the data terminals and update software across the Bowman system."

Bowman is a digital voice and data system designed to provide secure integrated voice and data services to dismounted soldiers, individual vehicles, and command headquarters in the theatre.

The system is widely used by the UK Army, Royal Navy and the Royal Air Force (RAF), and has been installed in more than 15,000 military vehicles.

Deliveries of the enhanced equipment will start from 2018.

Image: The £175m investment in Bowman tactical communications equipment will enable the system to continue to operate for the next decade. Photo: Courtesy of UK Government.