New Company information at Army Technology New and updated information from companies en-us New Company information at Army Technology Rheinmetall Air Defence-Ground-based Air Defence Systems <img src='' alt=''/><p>The complex requirements imposed on short and very short-range air defence have become much more complex in recent years. Both quantitatively and qualitatively, the air threat continues to mutate and multiply.</p><p>Increasingly, the emphasis is o… Thu, 08 Dec 2016 17:08:00 GMT Specialist Mechanical Engineers -Custom Military HVAC, Dust and NBC Filtration Systems <img src='' alt=''/><p>Specialist Mechanical Engineers (SME) is a South African company specialising in custom military, rail and industrial heat transfer, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), as well as high-efficiency dust and NBC filtration systems for use in advers… Thu, 08 Dec 2016 17:05:00 GMT Theissen Training Systems-Live Fire Target Training Systems <img src='' alt=''/><div><img alt="theissen" class="thirdleft" src="" title="theissen" /></div><p>Theissen Training Systems (TTS) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of live-fi… Thu, 08 Dec 2016 17:02:00 GMT Hellwig und Lünenschloss -Mobile Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Filtration Systems <img src='' alt=''/><div><img alt="Air conditioning" class="fullwidth" src="" /></div><p>Hellwig und Lünenschloss GmbH specialises in the manufacturing of mobile air-cond… Thu, 08 Dec 2016 16:47:00 GMT Allplast BV-Transparent Ballistic and Non-Ballistic Products <img src='' alt=''/><div><img alt="Allplast BV" class="fullwidth" src="" /></div><p>Allplast BV is a specialist provider of plastic processing solutions, with product… Thu, 08 Dec 2016 16:43:00 GMT T.J. Clark International-Fuel Management and Storage Solutions <img src='' alt=''/><div><img alt="FSSP set-up" class="fullwidth" src="" width="800" /></div><p>T.J. Clark International manufactures base camp support equipment for militar… Wed, 30 Nov 2016 00:00:00 GMT ARPA-Field Logistic Solutions for the Defence Industry <img src='' alt=''/><p><img alt="Arpa" class="fullwidth" src="" /></p><p>ARPA specialises in the design, development, engineering and production of logistic solutions for … Thu, 17 Nov 2016 00:00:00 GMT DST Defence Service Tracks-Armoured Vehicle Tracks <img src='' alt=''/><p>DST Defence Service Tracks is a market leader in the maintenance and servicing of military vehicle fleets worldwide. Its highly trained and motivated workforce adheres to uncompromisingly high standards across the entire supply chain, from the pro… Wed, 16 Nov 2016 15:15:00 GMT Omnetics Connector Corporation-Rugged Miniature and Ultra-Miniature Connectors and Interconnect Systems for Defence Applications <img src='' alt=''/><div><img alt="micro and nano connectors" class="halfleft" src="" width="430" /></div><p>Omnetics Connector Corporation (Omnetics) specialises in the desig… Wed, 16 Nov 2016 15:11:00 GMT Ricardo-Defence Support Services and Innovative Technology for the Military Industry <img src='' alt=''/><div><img alt="Ricardo" class="fullwidth" src="" /></div><p>Ricardo offers defence sector solutions across multiple sectors and international bounda… Wed, 16 Nov 2016 14:43:00 GMT LMB-Fans and Motors for Aerospace and Defence Applications <img src='' alt=''/><p>LMB design and manufacture high performance fans, blowers and motors for the aerospace and defence markets with applications in aircraft, helicopters, UAVs, pods and missiles.</p><p>LMB, founded over 50 years ago, have high skilled engineers with … Wed, 16 Nov 2016 14:35:00 GMT STARTER -Hydraulic and Electrical Winches for Trucks and Vehicles <img src='' alt=''/><div><img alt="Starter Lead" class="fullwidth" src="" /></div><p>STARTER is a manufacturer of hydraulic and electrical winches for trucks and vehicl… Fri, 11 Nov 2016 15:18:00 GMT NorLense-High-Pressure Inflatable Tents for Defence Applications <img src='' alt=''/><p><img alt="NorLense" class="fullwidth" src="" /></p><p>NorLense is a Norwegian manufacturer and supplier of high-pressure inflatable tents and turnkey ca… Thu, 10 Nov 2016 00:00:00 GMT GMT-Anti-Vibration Mount Specialists, Suppliers of Rubber-to-Metal Bonded Products and Moulded Rubber Components <img src='' alt=''/><p>GMT Rubber-Metal-Technic is specialist designer and manufacturer of anti-vibration mounts, rubber-to-metal bonded components and moulded rubber products for military clients worldwide.</p><p>Our anti-vibration mounting products greatly reduce nois… Thu, 03 Nov 2016 17:14:00 GMT Lind Electronics-Your trusted mobile power solutions expert <img src='' alt=''/><p>Lind Electronics is a proven leader in designing and producing mobile power solutions for all types of users in different industries. Lind's product lines include standard and custom AC/DC and DC/DC power adapters, battery chargers, dual USB adapt… Thu, 03 Nov 2016 12:43:00 GMT J&S Franklin-Military and Decontamination Shelters, Camp Equipment and Camouflage <img src='' alt=''/><p>J & S Franklin Ltd was founded in 1946 and has nearly 70 years' experience in the manufacture and supply of a wide range of defence and security equipment for governments, defence forces, security forces, NGOs and commercial customers all over… Thu, 03 Nov 2016 12:30:00 GMT iXBlue-Navigation, Imaging and Positioning Solutions for Military Operations <img src='' alt=''/><p>iXBlue is a global provider of navigation, imaging and positioning solutions for civil and defence customers.</p><h2>Inertial navigation systems</h2><p>iXBlue provides land-based military and civilian forces with accurate navigation systems that c… Thu, 03 Nov 2016 12:24:00 GMT Caracal Light Ammunitions (CLA) -Ammunition Manufacturing for the Defence Industry <img src='' alt=''/><div><img alt="CLA" class="halfleft" src="" width="430" /></div><p>Caracal Light Ammunition (CLA), a Tawazun Holding subsidiary, produces a range of diversified calibers and ammun… Thu, 03 Nov 2016 12:00:00 GMT ApexO-High-Precision Ballistic Software, Consulting Services, Customised and Rugged Solutions <img src='' alt=''/><p>ApexO offers client-oriented solutions in the realm of ballistics to respond to your needs with precision, reliability and performance. Whether you are a soldier in the field requiring a hit on a target on your first shot, an ammunition or weapons… Thu, 03 Nov 2016 11:59:00 GMT RUD Chains-Lashing Systems, Lifting Devices and Non-Skid Traction Chains for Military Applications <img src='' alt=''/><p>RUD Chains is an expert in providing standard and specialist applications for the armed forces, ranging from lifting and load securing equipment to snow and traction chains. We know that only the best is good enough for our soldiers in the field, … Thu, 03 Nov 2016 11:56:00 GMT