Bike Track

Modular, Durable Flooring for Military Tents and Shelters

Modular Plastic Flooring and Command Post Staging Systems

Bike Track

Bike Track products have been used worldwide as flooring / decking solutions for military units and humanitarian organisations.

They are extremely durable, fast to install and strike, require no tools and are useful as temporary flooring for command posts, mobile hospitals, and multi-shelter base-camps. They use a patented friction fit, self-aligning connection method, so there is no wasted time working with cam-locks and you do not have to worry about them getting out of alignment as you add additional sections.

They provide a very portable flooring solution, as they are easily palletised, shipped, and stored. Keep the flooring in storage as long as you like, it'll be ready to support you whenever you call on it.

Bike Track prides itself on highly personalised customer service; we're in the business of providing solutions for our customers, not selling products.

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