Assault Bridges and Floating Bridges

PFM Motorised Floating Bridge


CNIM's Motorised Floating Bridge, the PFM, provides today's ground forces with the capability of rapidly crossing wet gaps and obstacles such as large rivers and lakes. The PFM is an autonomous, force projection enabler. The PFM can be deployed as either a continuous floating bridge or as a self-propelled ferry enabling vehicles up to class MLC 80 to cross over wet gaps.

CNIM undertook a modernisation programme on its Motorised Floating Bridge, which was executed in conjunction with our customer's feedback ensuring that we met their operational needs and requirements.

  • Faster deployment / retrieval time thanks to the introduction of new more powerful engines
  • Support heavier vehicles: up to MLC 80 (STANAG 2021)
  • Minimum personnel: 33 people for a bridge of 100m
  • Low maintenance: fatigue monitoring systems have been introduced on each section.
  • Integration of the customer's preferred vehicle: Providing more flexibility to suit the customers' needs.
  • More user friendly, dual application: can be used during either military or disaster relief operations.

The PFM by CNIM is currently in service with several armed forces throughout the world, including the French Army. As a response to disaster reliefs, the PFM can also support civil authorities.

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