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Rugged Switch Ensures Reliability for UGV Onboard Network

Curtiss-Wright Defense Solutions

All modern, unmanned systems depend on an IP-based network as the backbone for communications between sensors, computers, payloads, radios, and sometimes even the drive-by-wire system.

This network must be extremely robust, reliable, and support ever-growing amounts of data traffic as sensors become more and more

Due to the re-configurability of unmanned vehicle platforms, this network must also be easily expandable, and allow for advanced network capabilities including segregated subnets, VLANs, packet prioritisation, and multicast traffic handling.

While these are fairly common 'features' of any modern network switch, it is difficult to find a switch that does all these things well, in an environmentally rugged package, that can stand up to the rigours and harsh environments that unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) encounter.

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