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Berenice Baker graduated from Salford University with a degree in Information Technology the year Tim Berners-Lee made all she had learnt outdated by inventing the World Wide Web. Despite this, she spent 15 years working as an IT consultant before switching careers to journalism, specialising in technology and innovation. From nanotechnology at one end of the scale to aircraft carriers at the other, she has covered subjects as diverse as the roof at Wimbledon, quantum computing, mechanical muscle fibres and equipment that may give athletes a winning edge.

Since 2010 Berenice has focussed on the defence industry, addressing the challenges facing the military, ministries of defence and contractors alike of delivering novel solutions to established and emerging threats in the face of defence cuts and rapidly changing world events from the Arab Spring to the London Olympics.

Berenice is the Editor of Strategic Defence Intelligence (SDI), a sister site to NRi's defence titles which provides continuously updated industry intelligence and detailed research reports on the latest global developments in defence. For more information and a demonstration, call +44 20 7936 6783 or email

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Berenice  Baker

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