Mobile Reverse Osmosis (RO) Water Purification Units, Mobile Kitchens, Fuel Trailers, Insulated Tents and Potable Water Units

Tecimer offers mobile field kitchens, containerised kitchen solutions, potable water and diesel fuel trailers, emergency insulated tents, containerised fuel stations and mobile reverse osmosis water purification solutions for peacekeeping, disaster relief operations and military purposes worldwide.

Tecimer holds ISO 9001 quality certificates and is a supplier to UN peacekeeping operations, the United States Defense Department and NGOs worldwide. It is listed as a Nato supplier manufacturing company.

Mobile reverse osmosis water purification systems

Tecimer reverse osmosis water purification systems are compact, mobile and ready-to-operate units, which are available in various specifications depending on the condition of local raw water.

Obtained drinkable water features comply with US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and World Health Organization (WHO) standards and the systems are able to purify different water qualities, from brackish water to sea water, including rivers, creeks, lakes and wells.

The systems have a control panel that can be operated by one person and can be ready for operation in 30 minutes. They can provide between 2,400l-150,000l of clean drinking water per hour from any water source. The system can be easily transported by land, air or sea.

In addition, Tecimer provides engineering and manufacturing of tailor-made solutions for different capacities. Small ultra-filtering systems are made for ground water, rivers, creeks, lakes and wells, and can be operated by solar energy.

Mobile solar water purification unit

This system can produce potable water from underground waters, ponds and rivers by filtration and disinfection with UV light.

Washable pre-filter cleans the river and lake water from particles such as leaves, twigs, and sediments and protects the sediment filter from premature clogging.

Sediment filter removes ground water sediments and protects the carbon filter from premature clogging.

Carbon filters have capability to remove or reduce the amount of even the smallest microorganisms like giardia and cryptosporidium cysts, entamoeba and toxoplasma cysts, herbicides, certain volatile organic chemicals, chlorine, bad odor, taste and many other harmful chemicals and contaminants. Carbon filter polishes the water crystal clear. Life expectancy of carbon filter is 1 year approx.

  • Extremely fast setup before usage
  • No need of any chemicals or additives for cleaning the water
  • Works extremely quiet with electrical pump
  • Very low and green energy consumption
  • Without ongoing fuel costs
  • Certified Filtration which meets WHO standards
  • Minimal maintenance requirements

Potable water trailer

Tecimer's potable water trailers have been constantly developed since 2006. We have supplied water trailers for many military and peacekeeping forces in Afghanistan, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Chad, Honduras and Haiti, and UN peacekeeping forces.

The trailer can operate in rough terrain due to the design of its chassis and the tyres. The lunette eye complies with NATO standards and its height is adjustable for towing the vehicle securely and easily. This trailer was specifically designed and manufactured for potable water and comes with a 2,000l tank made from AISI 304 quality material. Four potable water trailer units can be loaded into one 40DC container.

Diesel fuel trailer

Over the years Tecimer has managed to manufacture and deliver diesel fuel trailers for many military forces all around the world. Our diesel fuel trailer can meet specific operational needs for all kinds of field conditions. The tyres of the trailer are suitable both on and off-road and in harsh weather conditions. It has a capacity of 2,000l and is made from AISI 430 quality material. The nozzle capacity is 75 gal/minute (284l/minute) for easy and quick use. Three diesel fuel trailer units can be loaded into one 40DC container.

Mobile field kitchen trailer

The Tecimer mobile kitchen trailer is equipped with all the required food processing units to produce high-quality and hygienic meals for 200-400 people. The whole unit is manufactured in steel to full military specification internationally accepted quality standard to AQAP (military) and ISO.

Since 2006, Tecimer as a sub-contract supplier, has forwarded to the US Department of Defense in Afghanistan, Haiti, Chad, Kenya and Iraq.

The mobile kitchen can be put into operation within 30 minutes by two people and can be fuelled using LPG or diesel. Three mobile kitchen units can be loaded in one 40ft HC container. It is designed for all types of transportation by road, sea and air. For higher capacity mobile catering facility, Tecimer can produce a containerised kitchen (CK).

Emergency relief tent 

Our experience and reputation have been gained over many years in the field of design, manufacture and supply of emergency tents. Tecimer's emergency relief tent is a winterised lightweight tent.

This insulated tent was designed, built, tested and approved by UN and international NGOs such as IOM, Mercy Corp and Cordaid for people who suffered from the earthquake in Turkey, 1999. Tecimer also supplied tents to the victims of the earthquake in northern east and north west Pakistan in 2005.

The double fly winterised tent complies with the ISO1421 standard and is manufactured for durability in extreme weather conditions, even to harsh winds and snow. The tent has door, windows, and special intakes for chimney outlet for stove that required cold weather. The tent package is 52.5cm in diameter and 205cm in overall length.

Containerised fuel station systems

Tecimer offers special fuel station systems for the distribution of fuel. These systems provide safe fuel transportation, storage and refuelling.

The system is equipped with an electronic transfer pump compatible with all systems. There is a regulator for the transfer pump, fuel oil pump, and control panel. There is also an emergency stop button for protection of the transfer pump and other equipment.

The transfer pump is compatible with other containerised fuel tanks and fuel tankers to ensure the safe transfer of fuel. The level of the fuel inside the tank is shown by the digital screen level control panel and measured with a mechanical float system.

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