Military-Industrial Company (VPK)

Armoured and Special Purpose Vehicles

military industrial company

Military Industrial Company (VPK in Russia) produces the world-renowned BTR series of armoured personnel carriers (APC), as well as recovery, medical and special armoured vehicles (TIGR).

The company's BTR range includes the models BTR-80, BTR-80A, and BTR-82A.

Specialised armoured vehicles for military use

VPK offers a broad range of tough, highly modified vehicles to support military operations, such as:

  • Armoured personnel carriers such as the amphibious combat vehicle
  • Armoured recovery vehicles for technical support and relief operations
  • Armoured medical vehicle for search and rescue tasks, as well as medivac evacuation missions
  • Special armoured vehicles adapted to carry troops, cargo or police forces across rugged terrains and in adverse weather conditions

Armoured vehicles for domestic and foreign markets

VPK's existing research, industrial and material resources, and highly qualified personnel enable it to attain meet the demands of both domestic and foreign armament markets, helping clients to achieve their targets.

The company develops and supplies specialised vehicles for governmental agencies, which are subjected to rigorous, official governmental tests.

VPK has been a regular exhibitor at major international arms shows, including Eurosatory, IDEX, LAAD, DSA, MILEX, Defexpo, and MVSV.

Military vehicles for government use

VPK exports its military products via the Rosoboronexport Corporation, which is the sole Russian state intermediary agency responsible for import / export of the full range of defence and dual-use end products, technologies and services.

This process is not obligatory for non-military products, such as special armoured vehicles, although they also meet stringent standards for quality and endurance.

About VPK

Military Industrial Company LLC has the Russian name VPK.

The company was established in 2006, as the managing company of Arzamas Machinery Plant JSC in the city of Arzamas, named Vehicle Hull Plant JSC based in Vyksa and Military Engineering Centre LLC in Nizhny Novgorod.

Contact Details

Military-Industrial Company LLC
15 Rochdelskaya str., build. 8
+7 495 662 1057
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Specialised Armoured Vehicles for Military Operations 11 August 2015 Military Industrial Company (VPK) manufactures armoured personnel carriers (APC) and military vehicles for recovery, medical and special operations.