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Light Tactical, Command and Rescue and Special-Purpose Vehicles

GFS is a subsidiary of RMA Group and is the authorised distributor for Ford Motor Company products to relief, aid and developments programmes worldwide.

GFS is a specialist provider of automotive and other infrastructure solutions to clients in more than 30 emerging and post-conflict markets. For 25 years the company has distinguished itself in vehicle conversion - the design and manufacture of purpose-built vehicles that meet specific operational needs for all kinds of field conditions, for the most challenging project situations. From design through to manufacture and deployment, GFS is the single source for all your fleet and modified vehicle needs.

Special-purpose military vehicles

A division of the RMA Group, GFS is authorised by Ford Motor Company as an official distributor to the aid and development market worldwide. GFS specialises in the supply of special-purpose vehicles to government and non-government organisations and commercial businesses involved in aid, relief and development projects. Our clients include peacekeeping missions, aid-financed organisations and international financial institutions, which operate or fund projects in developing countries.

Military vehicle modification design, development and manufacture

In addition to our valued partnerships with leading vehicle manufacturers, GFS maintains its own team of professional engineers who are responsible for the design, development and manufacture of vehicle modifications. In addition, GFS provides complete after-sales solutions with a 24/7 helpline and trained technical experts who are able to solve your difficult product concerns.

Light tactical vehicles

Dangerous duties require equipment you can count on. Our light tactical vehicles are exactingly engineered with top-quality modifications and equipment to perform under the toughest conditions in some of the most remote locations on earth.

GFS can provide light tactical vehicles with enhanced engine, suspension and braking performance; grenade-proof armour; run-flat tires; specially reinforced bumpers and grille guards; and today's most advanced communication electronics.

We have the design, engineering and production capabilities to augment your vehicles with any security modifications you specify, from weapon mounts and equipment racks to storage compartments, light bars and communication equipment. We can provide high-performance brakes; pillars and structural reinforcement; special windscreen and door glass; modified suspension systems; and much more.

Pre-engineered and customised special-purpose military vehicles

GFS offers pre-engineered special-purpose vehicle solutions that can answer your exacting needs effectively or serve as the basis for a further modified vehicle, customised to your specifications.

Ballistic-protected armoured vehicles

There are no second chances to get it right when it comes to shielding your vehicle from hostile fire. That is why GFS uses only the very latest, patented ballistic armour protection technology. Our innovative approach to armour engineering solutions, and our commitment to research and development, are matched only by our exemplary dedication to quality.

Our top-quality protection system armouring is impervious to military-grade sniper, assault rifles, and anti-personnel mines or detonation of two anti-personnel hand grenades. Vehicle occupants are also protected from hand grenade shrapnel and other explosive devices, thanks to our ballistic-protective armour technology.

When sensitive security missions require an inconspicuous presence, our well-disguised armouring is very discreet. You can choose from a comprehensive selection of armoured vehicles that meet or exceed the US American NIJ III or European EN 1522 FB6 and EN 1063 BR6 protection standards.

Military field ambulances and emergency vehicles

Vehicles used for saving lives should meet the highest standards. When lives are on the line, the endurance and quality of the vehicles you employ must be uncompromised. We work to achieve unsurpassed attention to detail in the design, engineering, testing and fabrication of your ambulances or emergency-response vehicles.

An exceptional selection of lifesaving equipment and internal capabilities is available to meet your needs while you are providing optimal patient care. Features include IV holders, fluorescent lighting, climate control and ventilation systems, a permanently mounted sphygmomanometer, 12V power outlets for portable suction and other critical equipment, an oxygen tank and regulator, a flowmeter, and easy loading and unloading for stretchers.

After-sales support

GFS recognises the criticality of after-sales support, hence we work in close partnership with a multitude of OEM's and suppliers to provide critical after-sales parts and services on a global scale, dedicated service and technician training wherever needed.

As an RMA Group subsidiary, GFS is fully integrated into the RMA service and support network. It maintains a state-of-the-art, high-tech 90,000m², full-service manufacturing, assembly and distribution centre at its LaemChabang facility in Thailand, as well as facilities in South Africa, Cambodia, and Indonesia. Where necessary, we partner with associated industry specialists to provide synergistic quality modification solutions that meet or exceed client expectations.

From its strategically located center, RMA serves clients across all Asia-Pacific. Clients in Central Asia, Africa and the Middle East are serviced through the newly opened RMA Parts and Distribution Center in Jebel Ali, Dubai.

We are confident that we provide the technical strength and flexibility to anticipate and meet your ever-changing, ever-challenging needs. Our proven track-record of success is built on providing customers in post-conflict development markets with the very best vehicle and service solutions.

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