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GEROH provides high-quality mobile mast systems and trailer solutions for military and security / rescue forces. They are used around the world: the armed forces of Germany, its NATO allies and other likeminded nations. Since starting the cooperation with our mother company WILL-BURT in 2012 we have progressively turned into a global player with subsidiaries and partners on every continent. In cooperation with WILL-BURT and ITS Towers our group is offering the broadest spectrum of telescopic masts in the world. It is simple: You have the application - we have the most appropriate telescopic mast system!

Our tactical trailer systems are designed for extreme terrain. They are characterised by high payloads and low basic weights. Our training / service and maintenance teams operate all over the world. The high level of expertise and more than 60 years of experience ensure the best possible tailor-made and commercial off-the-shelf solutions.

Customised trailer systems for extreme requirements

The object of GEROH is the development, project planning, construction and system integration of our customised trailer systems. We carry out and follow your plan from A to Z. Special trailers for special tasks are our speciality. Many our trailers are manufactured in small series. They are used by the German Army and other international forces. Our trailer systems are especially designed for missions involving extraordinary burdens in extreme and arduous terrain. High payloads in combination with low basic weights, maximum cross-country mobility, long life expectancy and low maintenance requirements are the characteristics of all GEROH tactical trailers.

Range of mobile mast systems

Our mast systems are used by international forces around the globe, including the German Army, to provide communications, surveillance, reconnaissance support etc. throughout the battlefield.

  • Pneumatic masts: Pneumatic masts 'AERO' - payloads up to 50kg and standard heights up to 8m. They are very cost-effective and reliable and especially designed for lightweight lighting and communication solutions.

Will-Burt pneumatic non-locking telescoping masts are ideal for the deployment of transmission or surveillance equipment. Available in both standard duty and heavy duty models, these masts offer a solution for heights up to 23m and payloads of approxiamtely 680kg.

Will-Burt pneumatic locking telescoping masts are designed for extended deployment periods. Available in both heavy duty and super heavy duty models, these masts offer a lightweight elevation solution up to 30m with a payload capacity of approximately 205kg. These vehicle or trailer-mounted telescoping masts feature locking collars that allow the mast to remain extended indefinitely without air pressure.

  • Mechanical masts:

Telescopic crank masts KVL and KVR (also called cable pulls) are for payloads up to 70kg and heights up to 20m. They are suited to heavy communication systems, monitoring solutions, direction finder, target detection systems, etc. and used by the market leaders. These masts uphold their reputation through their robustness and simple operation. The extension and retraction of this mast type is realised through a retractable rope and a separate return rope. This guarantees a reliable operation independent of the weather conditions.

The Will-Burt strap drive quick erecting antenna mast (QEAM) uses an internal strap drive and is designed for manual operation. The strap drive QUEAM is available in 21m, 25m and 34m heights and has a maximum payload capacity of 80kg.

The RIBBONLIFT is a low-profile direct electric drive mast with the best possible extended height to retracted height ratio in the world. The mast is available in various height and payload weight-lifting alternatives. For example Model 12-25: nested height 0.45m; extended height 7.6m and a maximum payload 227kg. Of course there are also other models.

  • Man-portable solutions:

The Expedition series (Ranger mast) is the lightest, most durable, rapid deploying, single man-portable field masts in the world. This system is equipped with lightweight payloads can be deployed quickly by extending 1.2m sections to heights from 2.5m to a maximum of 18.3m. It's our system for the 'last mile'.

  • Screw-Driven masts:

The Stiletto carbon fiber composite is an electro-mechanical mast. The mast features an excellent combination of high-strength, low weight and great stability. With its low nested height and small space claim, the Stiletto is the lightweight mobile solution for applications requiring rapid, automatic deployment, maximum reliability and high directional pointing accuracy with maximum heights of 15m and maximum payloads of approximately 180kg.

  • Spindle-Driven masts:

The Spindle mast SPM is currently the best available mast system on the market. Grown against the hardest requirements, the SPM is specifically designed for use with large payloads and very high demands of accuracy. The retracting and extension occurs through special spindle systems. A special honing procedure of the aluminum tubes and the use of high-precision spindles enables the manufacturing of nearly backlash-free telescopic spindle masts for heights up to 18m and payloads up to 600kg!

  • Lattice towers:

The spectrum of lattice towers starts with the ITS Towers. ITS offers an innovative line of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) tower solutions from 11.5m to 32m.

GEROH lattice towers are customised solutions, mounted on trucks or trailers, for heights up to 45m and payloads up to 1000kg. Our giants!

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