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Unitronix based in Australia, is a South East Asian distributor of rough terrain vehicles (RTV) vehicles, advanced computing (C4, C2, C1), power management and display solutions for the defence industry.

Unitronix configures and integrates the very latest systems onto military vehicles, including:

  • Curtiss Wright light vehicle configurable computer
  • Curtiss Wright Digital Beachhead HUMS with 'Victory' or naked
  • C2UK C-LITE C2 capable system (now with Pico Cell)
  • C2UK IR-Lighting solutions
  • Merlin advanced vehicle power management systems
  • Merlin advanced solid oxide fuel cell technology, augments power management
  • Manroy lightweight towing systems
  • Sascal vehicle displays, including new 'GVA' compliant system
  • NAI power supplies and IO solutions

RTV vehicles

With the capability to operate in the toughest environments, EPS's RTV vehicles are 'Fly In, Fly Out' high-mobility platforms for military applications.

EPS's Nomad LRTV is a 4x4 rough terrain vehicle that has been developed for general military use. The vehicle has the capability for heli-borne or amphibious insertion, and is ideal for use in very robust operations within remote and developing countries.

Designed to be carried by the CH47 Chinook helicopter for forward military deployment, the Nomad LRTV can also be reconfigured to become V22 Osprey Centric. Its features include:

Unitronix can customised and fit-out vehicles with the latest technology, including power management, C2, vehicle computer systems and communications backbones.

Advanced power management systems for vehicles

The amount of electrically powered tactical systems that are being installed on both new and legacy military vehicle platforms has led to a struggle in vehicle power supply, causing electrical power shortages in theatre, systems to turn off without warning, and vehicles with flat batteries. Merlin's battery monitoring, power management and power generation systems solve these issues.

Vehicle battery management systems

The Merlin vehicle battery management system (VBMS) is already being used on several high-profile UORs. The Windows-programmable, generic battery power management solution, which has been designed specifically for military vehicles, manages the power created by charging sources.

The system also enables or disables import / export circuits, and has the ability to control APUs and the latest Merlin solid oxide fuel cell running on JP5.

CS4IR computing system

C-LITE is a small, lightweight, low power, rugged C2 mission computer, which represents the ultimate value for money. C2UK recently launched C-LITE, which has now been independently tested and verified to Defence Emissions Standard 59-411 'Land Class A' "Banner".

COTS systems for military vehicles

The MPMC-9105 versatile mission computer (VMC) is one of the smallest members of the Integrated Subsystems family of application-ready COTS systems and is designed specifically for vetronic and avionics requirements, providing a rich set of IO coupled to the latest Intel dual and quad core processors and complemented by up to four SSDs.

Digital Beachhead network switch and hums vehicle management

The Digital Beachhead combines an Ethernet switch with a powerful vehicle management computer to provide essential network services to ground vehicles.

Housed in a small and lightweight rugged chassis, the Digital Beachhead provides 16 ports of tri-speed 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet with a variety of flexible network switching features such as VLANs, multicast, and Quality of Service.

IR light for military vehicle crews

C-NITE from C2UK is a significant new aid to vehicle crews using night vision goggles (NVG) or other image intensifying equipment.
IR headlights fitted to most tactical vehicles usually are high power, but of low quality or poor design. Used at night in tactical situations, ordinary headlights can inadvertently illuminate yourself or your comrades, and even assist the enemy in identifying and targeting friendly forces.

Commander and crew display

The 10.4" commander and crew display from Sascal offers bespoke features, which are programmable to meet current customer requirements or future requirements. This display offers 1,024 x 768 resolution. It will take and display multiple video inputs including VGA, buffered outputs, including Composite PAL/NTSC.

Lightweight towing system

The lightweight towing system (LTS) from Manroy Engineering dramatically reduces time and exposure for vehicular recovery operations. It can be carried and installed by one person and can be supplied with a vehicle storage rack, including a shoulder strap.

Gun shot counter and health and usage monitoring of weapons components

The gun shot counter (GSC-HUMS) from Secubit is a revolutionary new system that enables the real-time recording and storing of gunfire data along with health and usage monitoring of weapons components.

It is a unique and pioneering system that revolutionises the monitoring of gunfire, increasing the reliability of guns, preventing maintenance, and ascertaining the condition of each and every gun / barrel.

Quick-deploy SATCOM antennas

Unitronix is the distributor of Holkirk Communications' range of quick-deploy SATCOM antennas within Australia and New Zealand. The range has been developed to provide easy portability and very fast deployment (within ten minutes). These high-quality antennas are used around the world for these attributes.

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