Rapidly Deployable Remotely Operated Less-Lethal Support Robots

TechnoRobot specializes in the design and manufacture of robots intended for the security and defense sectors. After two years of development, TechnoRobot has launched RiotBot, a robotic platform requested for years by different international agencies involved in high-risk operations for its security and defense. To design the RiotBot, a strong R&D team was formed within the enterprise by more than 20 technicians working closely alongside various special operations tactical experts.

Rapidly deployable support robot

RiotBot is the world's first robot designed and developed by TechnoRobot to meet the technical and operational needs of different specialist military and law enforcement units. RiotBot was designed to intervene in high-risk missions to remove the threat to human team members. RiotBot is a versatile robot designed for deployment in various types of dangerous scenarios where the safety of police or military personnel cannot be assured. The principle objective is to minimize injury within both the intervention group and the opposing force. To that end, the RiotBot is equipped with a nonlethal weapon.

Non-lethal support robot

The TAC-700 from PepperBall Technologies was selected as the non-lethal Weapon of choice for RiotBot. This is a weapon widely used within the police and military sector, notable for its ease-of-use and high rate of fire - over 700 rounds per minute. The ammunition used combines a frangible plastic sphere with a concentrated load of PAVA (Capsaicin II) powder, an active and potent ingredient of pepper spray. The combination of a highly-effective less-lethal weapon, such as the TAC-700, with a highly versatile operating robot is able to reduce the threats posed by mob or lone gunman alike, minimizing serious injury while giving robotic mission operators in the squad an effective safety distance of up to 1.5km.

Highly mobile support robot

RiotBot is equipped with six-wheel-drive capabilities, and can reach speeds exceeding 20km/h. The mobile turret housing the TAC-700 offers the benefit of a 330° horizontal range and 60° vertical range fire arc. RiotBot has a camera mounted on its weapon sights, giving its remote operator a first-person perspective-view. It is also equipped with a laser site for greater weapon acuracy and a powerful flashlight for nighttime operations.

Remotely operated robot

A light-weight portable control unit allows RiotBot's operator to view images captured by the robot's camera in real time, as well as telemetry data such as GPS coordinates, time of mission, autonomy of the robot, position of the weapon on the robot, firing range coordinates, return coordinates, and distance. RiotBot's remote control unit has been specifically developed by TechnoRobot to be as ergonomic, lightweight and intuitive as possible.

With the technical capabilities of the robot coupled with the effectiveness of a proven nonlethal weapon system, RiotBot provides a versatile tool for intervention teams searching for ways to neutralize threatening situations such as civil unrest, house-to-house combat operations, siege situations or rampages.

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