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Rugged Cases, Bags and 19in Transit Rack Cases for Military Equipment

CP cases

CP Cases designs and manufactures cases, bags and 19-inch transit rack cases. From their UK manufacturing facilities near London Airport and through a worldwide network of distributors they specialise in providing protection for valuable and sensitive equipment in transit, handling and storage.

Established as a supplier of flight cases over 30 years ago, CP Cases has evolved into a sophisticated supplier of protective solutions, designing and manufacturing cases and bags in a wide range of materials for the defence, electronics, telecommunications, oil and gas, marine, medical and broadcast industries.

Product Range:

  • Rotomoulded cases in standard sizes
  • Custom designed rotomoulded cases
  • Rotomoulded 19in transportable racks with anti-vibration mounts
  • E-Rack aluminium 19in transportable racks with anti-vibration mounts
  • Aluminium cases
  • Internal foam cushioning solutions
  • Custom bags for military equipment
  • Fitted with corrosion resistant catches, handles and hinges


CP Cases manufactures a wide range of rugged polyethylene rotomoulded cases for defence applications. Rotomoulded cases use high quality polyethylene polymer and the rotomoulding process ensures a flow of material to case edges and corners, giving additional strength and shock resistance.

CP Rotomoulded cases are ideal for military applications because they are:

  • Tough and resistant to shocks during rough handling
  • Stable in extreme temperatures
  • Resistant to corrosion from acids and alkalis and are easily cleaned
  • Resistant to scratches and scuffs, retaining their colour
  • Water resistant to IP65 and resist ingress of sand and dust
  • Stackable
  • Can be easily fitted with foam cushioning for delicate equipment
  • Designed with rounded edges and corners for comfortable handling
  • Designed with an anti-shear feature between case and lid preventing displacement of the lid

Cases are available in standard sizes or designed and made to measure to meet specific applications.


19in rotomoulded racks, offer all the benefits of a tough rotomoulded outer casing with a shock mounted inner frame, designed to protect standard 19in electronics and telecommunications equipment in field operations.


Where light weight, rugged protection and EMC shielding are required, the E-Rack is the 19in transportable rack of choice. This range of racks from 4u to 12u in height with various inner frame depth options, provides protection from physical, environmental and electromagnetic hazards.

The E-Rack can be easily customised by our designers and engineers to meet any special requirements, for example, fitting onto decks and bulkheads or modification for marine applications where low frequency engine vibration and wave shocks present a hazard for electronics equipment.


CP Cases designs and manufactures, aluminium cases, containers and enclosures to meet customers’ specifications. Combining light weight with strength using rigidised or plain aluminium sheet, aluminium provides a cost effective solution for short to medium production runs of cases designed for a specific application.


Using Zotefoam closed cell non moisture-absorbing foam, CP uses CNC foam routing technology to provide the optimum foam cushioning for cases and containers.

Software that predicts the exact depth of foam cushioning required is utilised to attenuate the deceleration force exerted on fragile equipment, to complement the protection afforded by the case.


CP Cases offer well designed padded bags and covers in quality materials to meet a range of protection levels for portable equipment. CP Bags provide a solution where lightness, portability, weather resistance and rapid field deployment are critical factors.

For larger quantities, CP can design and produce prototype bags in the UK and manufacture with a strategic partner, allowing design, quality control and selection of materials in the UK coupled with best value, ethical production in South East Asia.

Contact Details

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Unit 11, Worton Hall Industrial Estate
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United Kingdom
+44 20 8568 1881
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