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MSE Weibull - Intelligent Modular Training and Simulation Hardware

mse weibull

MSE Weibull (MSE) provides the world with leading training and simulation platforms for military and civil applications. The product portfolio embraces, among others, the Virtual Theatre, mobile live fire training equipment, combat vehicle trainers, flight and radar simulators, high fidelity loading trainers and anti aircraft trainers.

The Virtual Theatre

Based on the revolutionary invention of the omnidirectional floor, the Virtual Theatre allows omnidirectional unrestricted walking in virtual worlds, but with a small real world footprint. A standard omnidirectional floor is six meters in diameter.

The Virtual Theatre is equipped with different functions, depending on the needs and requirements, to make it the ultimate immersive experience. Examples of functions installed in the Virtual Theatre include: dome or cylinder with projection system, HMD, communication system, sound system, and simulation effects, such as smoke, smell and thermo.

Gunnery and tactical training

With the light mobile Target System - LIMO - you can create realistic threats and scenarios for high quality gunnery and tactical training. Thanks to the superior flexibility of the system, it can be used for live fire training surface-to-surface and air-to-surface, wherever there is a path for moving targets, e.g. in MOUT areas, in moorland, in the woods or in hilly terrain.

Setting up the system takes less than an hour and allows two bidirectional or four unidirectional tracks to be used at the same time with target speeds of up to 50km/h.

Loading trainers for repetitive training

Live situations are all about stress, communication and most of all skill in the handling of ammunition and the actual moment of loading. Repetitive training is a necessity in order to maintain and develop a high degree of ability. With MSE loading trainers, repetitive training is both economical and accessible.

The trainer is constructed using exact replicas or actual parts of the live weapons system and therefore is as close to the real thing as it is possible to achieve. It is important that all the details in the weapons system, including the ammunition, are realistic so that the soldiers feel familiar and act in the same way as on the live system. The trainers simulate both recoil and the ejection and separation of ammunition. Also training of fault conditions and removal and change of ammunition type can be performed.

Tank crew training simulator

The loading trainers can either be installed as embedded in a container, separate in a building or combined with a turret trainer. The latter gives the possibility for a tank crew – commander, gunner and loader – to train their ability to work together as a team. It also means that every step from giving of orders to actual firing can be trained in an environment where the instructor has an excellent overview and can easily evaluate the exercise.

A mobile installation creates the opportunity to train different units at different locations, which gives a high degree of usage of the trainer.

Air defence trainers

MSE has extensive experience in design and production of simulation platforms to different air defence trainers. Realism and precise equipment emulation are qualities highlighted by these products.

MSE classroom trainer for fire unit 23 (BAMSE RBS23) is a mobile high fidelity tactical trainer for both gunner and commander.

The state-of-the-art RBS70 hardware solution is one example of a tailor-made system solution designed and produced by MSE. Built on original parts the fidelity level of the system is very high.

The Giraffe radar operator console replica, designed and produced by MSE is adapted to the extensive use a trainer is exposed to. The replica has an increased wear resistance and is adapted to indoor use for high cost effectiveness, but the tactile feel and system behaviour is exactly the same as in the original system.

Combat vehicle trainers

MSE offers advanced training platforms for tactical and procedural training of combat vehicles and battle tanks, emulating all characteristics of the original vehicle, e.g. motion, sound, communication and fault conditions. By either using original parts or replicating them we provide cost-effective solutions adapted to the actual training need.

We not only have great experience in designing and producing high fidelity replicas of tactical panels, ammunition, sights, different indicators and switches, but also in designing and installing infrastructure, such as liquid cooling systems, computer networks etc.

MSE Weibull – your independent partner

MSE is a total collaboration partner that offers the entire chain of services – from requirement analysis and system design to in-service support. We often work as a partner on a local level where we take responsibility for adaptations and integration in addition to the maintenance and operation of different systems.

Contact Details

MSE Weibull AB
PO Box 42
SE-343 21 Elmhult
Tel: +46 476 559 50
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Light mobile target system being used in a training setting The light mobile target system main unit with basic target connected via pulling rope. Two bi-directional tracks running up to 50 km/h can be used at the same time.
Soldier using the all-electric loading trainer to load a simulated shell All-electric loading trainer with simulated recoil and separation of the ammunition. The loading trainer performs the complete firing cycle in less than four seconds.
Trainee using the Saab Microwave Giraffe radar operator console High fidelity replica of the Saab Microwave Giraffe radar operator console. Optimised for the extensive use a trainer is exposed to.
Aim and fire training equipment used by the military The RBS70 simulator is one example of MSE tailor-made system solution, turn-key ready for software installation.
Turret crew trainer for the commander, gunner and loader in Leopard 2, with MSE all electric loading trainer integrated.
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