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Wednesday, December 19, 2012 by TSS


2012 has been a busy year for TSS International. And it is not over yet, with a few interesting projects still to be completed. As the year comes to a close, we would like to reflect on new developments within the company and look forward to 2013, where mobility will still be on the top of our agenda.

Tyres: solution for luxury sedans

As of recently, a tyre with increased payload has been made available for TSS which allows it to serve luxury armoured sedans (such as the Mercedez-Benz S-class). It is an 18in tyre and a perfect combination with TSS heavy-duty wheels (AR888).

Up until now, these vehicles were forced to use the Michelin Pax assemblies, which are especially difficult to obtain for tyre changes. Now there is a TüV-approved solution, which is as safe as Pax, but better available from TSS and friendlier to your budget.

TSS heavy-duty wheels

TSS' well-known heavy-duty wheels have been further improved in 2012. Not only has the payload been increased (and TüV-approved), the range of vehicles that can use these wheels has increased. Key improvements include:

  • A new version with 1,800kg payload (AR877), with specific configurations for the Toyota LandCruiser 200, Mitsubishi Pajero and Chevrolet Suburban, for example
  • The existing version with 1,500kg payload has been retested and it turns out the same design can handle 1,600kg payload. Thanks to the AR888, luxury sedans and limousines can carry just that little more protection than before

Features of the heavy-duty wheels include:

  • 8.5 x 18 alloy rims
  • 1,600kg or 1,800kg TuV-certified payload
  • Exclusive synergy with Rodgard APX Runflat Systems
  • Extra large inner diameter for StopTech Big Brake Kits (normally only for rims of 19in and larger)
  • Option: closed version that prevents foreign objects from being inserted into the wheel

Off-road driving

A general rule of thumb during off-road driving is: low tyre pressure, larger footprint, more traction.

Rock Monster Wheels are an excellent tool for that. With a unique internal bead lock, they allow you to drive with low tyre pressure without the risk of your tyre running off the rim, or rotating on the rim.

There are several systems available to be able to increase your tyre pressure again, such as the tyre pressure adjustment system (TPAS) made by IBF, and the semi-automatic tyre inflation system (STIS) by PTG, both German companies. TPAS allows for the pressure to be adjusted while on the move, while STIS only requires a short stop.

Tyre shield

Most of the tyre changes in the field are not caused by wear, but by cuts and punctures in the most vulnerable part of the tyre: the side wall. Hutchinson's tyre shield does exactly what its name suggests: shield your tyre. Up to 40% of side wall damages can be prevented with the tyre shield. Its fire resistance even makes it suitable for use on riot-control vehicles as well.

StopTech HD for Toyota LC200

Ease of service has inspired a development by StopTech: a new complete-vehicle brake kit for the Toyota LandCruiser 200. This kit has the advantage that it can be used with almost all (OEM-)rims of 17in and larger. One-piece rotors, cast-iron calipers, direct fitment onto the vehicle and specially developed brake pads make this the best alternative for original brakes on your armoured LC200.

The first series production kits have already been delivered and fitted and the reviews are promising: "We tried to break them, but we couldn't!"

TSS exhibition news

This year, TSS visited or participated in exhibitions including Counter Terror Expo, London; IVVP (police trade show), Gorinchem, the Netherlands; NIDV Symposium "Who does it best?", Van Ghentkazerne, Rotterdam, the Netherlands; Essen Security 2012, Essen, Germany; ESTA Annual Conference, Bratislava, Slovakia; Eurosatory, Paris, France; Vehicle Survivability/Future Land Forces, Amsterdam, the Netherlands; AidEx, Brussels, Belgium; NIDV Symposium "Safety is not a given", Ahoy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

We would like to thank everyone who took time to meet with us and/or visit us at these exhibitions, and hope to be able to meet you again at one of the following exhibitions in 2013:

  • InfoPol 2013, Kortrijk, Belgium
  • NIDV Symposium, Ahoy, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
  • DSEi, London, UK
  • ESTA Annual Conference, Marseille, France

Christmas and New Year

TSS International will be closed for Christmas and New Year celebrations on 24-26 December 2012, 31 December 2012 and 1 January 2013. Happy holidays!