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ASTRUM - Track Solutions

ASTRUM is a world leader in the design and manufacture of track solutions for Armoured Fighting Vehicles (AFV’s) with state of the art manufacturing facilities headquartered in the North East of England. The Company has been providing innovation for some 70 years and invests significantly in leading edge Research & Development and Testing to supply excellence.

With a broad product range capability, ASTRUM delivers systems around the world including track solutions for Main Battle Tanks (MBT’s), Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFV’s), Armoured Personnel Carriers (APC’s) as well as specialised armoured support vehicles. Tracked systems allow AFV’s to travel over the most severe surfaces, providing a degree of terrain affordability and survivability well above that provided by alternative motion systems technologies.

Against the backdrop of increased AFV weight, variable deployment requirements, climatic conditions and mission objectives, the Company continues to develop unique solutions in an extremely dynamic environment.

New Product Development and Quality

Using the latest innovative design and materials technology, ASTRUM track solutions will improve performance, weigh less, be more durable, generate less noise and vibration and require less maintenance thereby reducing cost of ownership. The Company’s systems can dramatically extended durability without compromising other key features of the system. For example, one original track system can be retrofitted with a new system to reduce the life-cycle cost by a factor of 5 or more resulting in significant total spend reduction.

The Company operate to stringent ISO9001 QA programmes and pioneered LEAN in its industry. To reinforce this commitment to continual improvement, Astrum is the first land system organisation to be accredited with a SC21 (SBAC supply chain for the 21st century) award. Astrum is also committed to reducing its impact on the environment and continually seeks ways to reduce waste and improve efficiency.

On-site and in-country support is offered by the Company for new track solutions and trials management.

Standard Track System Designs

The Company produces a broad range of track solutions for in-use AFV’s and has developed materials that extended durability in extreme or unique environments. Rubber pads are available in a variety of designs including bolt-on or slide-in with unique features to significantly reduce maintenance.

Where fitted, a unique end connector ensures that the track can be quickly assembled whilst maintaining optimum performance and reducing ongoing maintenance requirements.

A segmented rubber band track is available from. These systems are comparable to continuous rubber band track but add the logistical advantages of a conventional linked track system for storage, transportation and maintainability.

Hub-Out Solutions

ASTRUM provides precisely matched system components including drive sprocket, sprocket carrier, idler wheel, road wheel and track return rollers. All these components directly interact with the track system and therefore require optimised design and performance to ensure that the whole system is balanced and benefits from the inherent technology provided by the Company.

Structural Castings

ASTRUM’S steel casting heritage enables the business to offer high integrity and complex castings for the defence market that meet the latest ballistic protection requirements. The in-house design and development facility can assist customer’s engineers to achieve a cost effective cast solution.


Astrum has been providing critical drive system components and complex steel castings for AFV’s for some 70 years. With a cutting-edge capability for designing new track solutions and continuously improving the performance of in-use systems, it’s commitment to quality and innovation has ensured the lowest cost of ownership throughout the product life-cycle. Astrum is committed to delivering excellence and will continue to stretch the boundaries of what is possible.

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United Kingdom
Contact: Dianne Mackay
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Tel: +44 1388 528248
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Astrum produce tank tracks in single and double pin versions for main battle tanks, mid-weight and lightweight fighting vehicles.
TR60 tracks fit most leading main battle tanks, including Challenger 2, Leclerc, Leopard 1 and Leopard 2.
TR30 available for many mid-weight fighting vehicles including Warrior, AS90, Bradley, Marder, ASCOD and CV90.
Astrum's range of tank tracks feature high performance rubber pads and bushes and detachable pads.
Astrum produces a whole host of products essential for tanks including road wheels, idler rollers, sprockets, track tensioners, suspension casings and other essential running gear components.
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