Sierra-Olympic Technologies Infrared Camera Systems for Surveillance Applications

Thermal infrared imaging camera

Sierra Olympic Technologies Inc (SOTI) designs, manufactures, and distributes cutting-edge infrared camera systems and components for defence contractors, integrators and security organisations.

The company specialises in high-quality and cost-effective solutions for shortwave infrared (SWIR), mid-wave infrared (MWIR) and long-wave infrared (LWIR) imaging cameras.

SOTI is experienced in the development of high-performance, image-optimised thermal imaging products.

Thermal imaging technologies for military applications

SOTI designs customised cooled and uncooled thermal imaging products and solutions, ranging from simple thermal camera core and lens combinations to complex multi-spectrum pan-and-tilt (PTZ) surveillance systems with continuous zoom lenses.

The company also resells, calibrates, and supports third-party products such as DRS Tamarisk thermal cores and various products and accessories from an array of manufacturers, including Jenoptik, New Imaging Technologies (NIT), Quantum Imaging, IR Cameras, Silent Sentinel, Tamron, Ophir and G5 infrared.

SOTI incorporates its design expertise to provide high-quality solutions with optimised optics and image quality.

Available products are suitable for industrial, airborne, military, security / surveillance, and research and development applications.

Full high-definition thermal cameras

SOTI offers the world’s first commercially available full high-definition (HD) 1,080px thermal imaging camera system using uncooled vanadium oxide (VOx) microbolometer technology, the Viento HD.

The Viento HD thermal camera provides 2MP of 12 micron-sized pixels that deliver high-contrast thermal imaging. SOTI also offers a custom 24mm athermalised hard carbon-coated lens with a 51° horizontal field of view. The uncooled camera does not use an integrated Dewar cooler and subsequently requires no costly maintenance or replacement during the camera’s lifetime.

SOTI also supplies a line of fixed thermal cameras with a Gig-E interface that allows customers to access real-time 16-bit thermography data over gigabit ethernet infrastructure. The camera is easy-to-control through a single ethernet cable using Gig-E Vision and power over ethernet (PoE) standards.

Thermal microbolometer analysis sensors

SOTI developed the methodology for triggering thermal microbolometer sensors for machine vision, metrology, and analysis applications.

Similar to GENLOCK functionality in visible imaging cameras, triggering the microbolometer readout allows for automatic inspection in machine vision applications, where a pass / fail analysis of the thermal characteristics of the part being inspected.

SOTI also partnered with G5 Infrared LLC and Silent Sentinel to add ultra-long range cooled thermal cameras and rugged full 360° PTZ systems to its range of outdoor security products.

About SOTI

SOTI has been providing thermal cameras, components, and systems solutions for more than 22 years, and is trusted by a number of respected defence contractors and integrators worldwide.

From the earliest days of commercially available indium antimonide (InSb) focal plane arrays (FPAs) to the most current FPA-based imaging technologies, SOTI pushes the limits of infrared imaging.

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Press Release

6 November 2017

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16 October 2017

Leonardo DRS recently announced that it has signed an agreement with Sierra Olympic Technologies, Inc. (SOTI) to become its US master distributor of commercial uncooled thermal cores. The agreement will allow Leonardo DRS to put more focus on research and development of uncooled thermal technologies.

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