PCO SA Celebrates 40 Year Anniversary

PCO SA Celebrates 40 Year Anniversary

PCO celebrates 40th anniversary

On 27 April 2016, a formal ceremony for PCO S.A.'s 40th anniversary was held under patronage of the President of Poland on the National Stadium in Warsaw.

During the ceremony a multimedia presentation and a film about the company were shown. Employees of PCO S.A. received medals and honorary awards 'Meritorious for PCO S.A.'

President of the board of the company Ryszard Kardasz has received a Pro Masovia award for company's contribution to development of the region.

In his speech, Ryszard Kardasz said that the company would not achieve success and build strong market position without the strategic plans of development of thermal imaging technology, optoelectronic systems and research and development activities.

The jubilee is a result of continuous development of knowledge and technologies used by the company to design and produce new devices with use of laser, night vision and thermal imaging technology.

The ceremony was attended by numerous guests, among them Jaroslaw Brysiewicz, Deputy Chief of the National Security Bureau; brig. gen. Jaroslaw Kraszewski, Director of the Armed Forces Supervision Department of the National Security Bureau; brig. gen. Adam Duda, Chief of the Arms Inspectorate, representatives of the Ministry of Defence and Polish Armed Forces; lt gen. Miroslaw Rózanski, General Commander of Polish Armed Forces; Arkadiusz Siwko, President of the Management Board of PGZ S.A.; maj. gen. prof. dr hab. inz. Zygmunt Mierczyk Rector-Commandant of Military University of Technology and prof. dr hab. inz. Jan Szmidt Rector of the Warsaw University of Technology.

During the ceremony most modern products of the company, for both individual soldier and military vehicles, were exhibited.

PCO S.A. was established by the ministerial decree on 23 April 1976. Since that time the company provides most modern military equipment for the Polish Armed Forces and other uniform services.

Nowadays it participates in key development programmes such as the Advanced Individual Battle System TYTAN, modernisation of the Polish armed forces and European Space Programme.

In 2014 PCO S.A., during consolidation of the Polish defence industry, entered the Polish Armament Group (PGZ S.A.).