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Military Laser Diodes, Laser Diode Modules and DPSS Lasers

Frankfurt Laser Company (FLC) was founded 1994 by Dr Vsevolod Mazo in Frankfurt/Main. FLC is a private company engaged in the development, production and distribution of a wide range of FP, DFB and DBR laser diodes, SM individually addressable and broad area laser diode arrays, VCSELs and quantum cascade lasers, which are in turn incorporated into free space and fiber-coupled laser diode modules, diode-pumped solid state frequency doubled lasers and OEM modules. Its products cover 370nm to 12µm wavelength and 5mW to 750W power range.

Laser diodes for defence applications

FLC offers a wide range of military qualified laser diodes, superluminescent diodes and affiliated modules for defence applications. Laser diodes emitting in the near-IR wavelength band up to 2W power output demonstrate stable operation in -60°C to +70°C temperature band in CW and pulsed mode. Laser diodes are available in TO-3 housing with free space and optical fiber output.

Laser diode defence applications include:

  • Beacons and target designation
  • Open-air communication
  • IR illumination
  • 3D alignment
  • Distance sensing – UAV, USV

Defence laser modules for target designation and illumination

Defence laser modules from Frankfurt Laser Company are easy to use, plug and play systems designed for target designation and illumination. The specially constructed laser diode modules can be equipped to emit either green, red or IR light. The military qualified range can withstand shocks of up to 500g and have excellent pointing stability of less than 0.5mrad, over a temperature range -35°C to +55°C. Complete with high-quality optics that come as standard with Frankfurt Laser Company, the module gives a perfect round spot with a beam divergence of less than 0.5mrad. The units can also be supplied in a water or dust-tight hermetically sealed housing.

The lasers can withstand shock to 100g/0.3ms and 500g/0.2ms 100 times each.

Defence laser modules applications include:

  • Laser / red dot sight
  • Night vision equipment
  • Target designation
  • Illumination

Superluminescent military diodes

Our range of superluminescent military diodes demonstrate a wide emission flat spectrum, low ripple (less than 1%), and negligible secondary coherence subpeaks. Superluminescent military diodes are supplied in industry standard cooled (TO-3, DIL-14 and butterfly) and uncooled (TO-56, SOT-148, coaxial) free space and fiber-coupled packages.

Superluminescent military diodes can be customized. Low price, large volume OEM application models are available.

Superluminescent military diodes applications include:

  • Fiber gyroscopes
  • Optical metrology
  • Optical sensing
  • Speckle-free illumination

World's smallest green diode-pumped solid-state laser

FLC brings to the market the smallest OEM industry-grade diode-pumped solid state green laser head offering optical output in 1-5mW and 50-100mW power ranges. MicroGreen laser is mounted on 5.6mm laser diode header and measures 9mm in length. Respectively MiniGreen has 9mm diameter and 13mm length.

The lasers are passively cooled and developed to be incorporated in devices demanding small space and low current consumption. At 5mW of optical power output MicroGreen requires less than 200mA of input current and can be powered with 1.8VDC. The lasers demonstrate perfect Gaussian beam profile and low optical noise less than 1.5%.

MicroGreen laser applications include:

  • Target designation
  • Pointing and alignment
  • Optical sensing
  • Laser / red dot sight

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