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Advanced Detection Technology - Under Vehicle Inspection Systems and Security Equipment for the Defence Industry

Since 2003, Advanced Detection Technology has provided military, law enforcement and security professionals around the world a complete portfolio of threat detection and access control solutions. Advanced Detection specialises in providing man-portable under vehicle inspection systems (UVIS) for the defence industry. Our aim is to provide quality security equipment while simultaneously improving future technologies to meet the security needs of a fast-moving world.

With hundreds of potential hiding spaces for IEDs, biohazards and other illegal materials, vehicles represent a unique and serious security threat. The portable LowCam™ UVIS units can be deployed by one person in three minutes and allow for rapid and accurate inspections of passenger and commercial vehicle undercarriages -- all from a safe stand-off location. UVIS LowCam™ technology uses high-resolution, digital and colour video cameras with a fully integrated illumination system to provide the user with clear views of potential threats at day and night time. Deep shadows can mask suspicious items, so proper lighting is the key to effective under vehicle inspection.

With Advanced Detection Technology's UVIS you can feel even more secure as all our systems can now be equipped with built-in license plate recognition. All systems can be integrated with other FastGate™ products for a comprehensive plug-n-play access control solution.

Real-time advanced situational awareness

FastGate™ Grasp is a sleek handheld computer that engages security personnel in the access control and tracking process while giving management the ability to analyse daily activities.

This second generation system is lightweight and designed to efficiently link individuals, their vehicles, their passengers and their authorized ID cards in an easy-to-use small handheld device. The FastGate Grasp is ideal for:

  • Military operations and convoys
  • Diplomatic security
  • Law enforcement and security forces
  • Facilities Security Personnel
  • Port Security & Border Control

Information captured by FastGate Grasp is immediately synchronized and validated using a pre-populated database to present security officers with on-screen images and / or alerts when unauthorized individuals or vehicles enter a facility. The system allows for a broad range of detailed reporting capabilities that includes time / date stamped referencing. This portable device has all the conveniences of a cell phone, PDA, DVR, scanner and barcode reader.

Enhanced capabilities of the Grasp include license plate recognition (LPR) and facial recognition. A rapid deployment kit with multiple devices for remote operations can be customised to meet your specific requirements. No other portable access control system incorporates the range of security, access control and communication services that the FastGate Grasp integrates into one, small mobile device.

Under vehicle inspection systems for rough military terrain

The LowCam VI108 is ideal for rapid deployment and specially designed for high volumes of traffic on rough terrain. The "speed bump" designed ramps in case eight environmentally sealed cameras -- four for low vehicles and four for high vehicles, and pack into one portable Pelican case. The control unit and monitor are built into another case. The software delivers clear, sharp color images in a quad-view format.

The features of LowCam VI108 are:

  • Deployed in under three minutes
  • Illumination system for day / night operation
  • Inspect vehicles up to 10mph / 16kmh
  • Can be configured for permanent on-road use
  • High strength aircraft aluminum housing
  • Military specification connectors
  • Can withstand 50,000lb wheel loads
  • 25,000+ vehicle record storage capacity
  • Optional Automatic License Plate Recognition

Under vehicle inspection systems with auto licence plate recognition

The LowCam VI110 incorporates ramp mounted license plate recognition cameras that capture front and/or rear plate images and four cameras that provide a complete single image of the undercarriage of the vehicle. The LowCam VI110 can recognise a vehicle and recall its previous visits using auto license plate recognition.

LowCam VI110 offers side-by-side comparison inspections and zoom capability to aid the operator in locating any under vehicle discrepancies. Integrated manual license plate recognition is standard and the system can be configured as fixed or portable.

The features of the LowCam VI110 are:

  • Installs in three minutes
  • Clear dual-view image of high or low ground clearance vehicles
  • Manual or Automatic License Plate Recognition
  • Motion activated 12VDC LED rated MTBF of 100,000 hours
  • Bi-directional capabilities
  • Aircraft aluminum grade 6061-T6 housing
  • Stores 25,000+ vehicle records
  • Auto start / stop as vehicle enters and exits
  • Inspect vehicles up to 10mph / 16kmh
  • Vehicle queuing for flawless inspections

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FastGate™ Grasp, a handheld security assistant.
VI108: Portable, light weight UVIS, deployed in 3 minutes.
VI110: Portable or fixed UVIS, single image view with license plate recognition.
VI110 and VI150 software.
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