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Strategic Defence Intelligence is a comprehensive source of business intelligence for the global defence industry, with subscribers gaining exclusive access to the latest market insights, tenders, opinion, fleet, forecasts and historical data. Users can also learn of the latest industry and technological trends, in addition to strategic analysis from a global team of experts.

Our unique and intuitive platform equips our clients with competitive insight that is used to form effective sales, marketing and business growth strategies.

We also offer bespoke consultancy, dedicated account management, and access to our worldwide team of leading experts.

Business opportunities tool for the defence industry

The tool highlights new business opportunities through ten-year forecasts, upcoming contracts, RFP's and Tenders that have not yet been awarded.

Subscribers can remain competitive by identifying early opportunity to win contracts, and use our market entry advice and contacts to do so. Users can secure funding with details of private equity investment, and plan their next move with the latest tenders, pre-solicitations and RFPs.

Evaluate new international defence markets and form entry strategies

Our global database comprises of 38 segments across 72 countries. We provide you with all the data and expert opinion you need to understand and move into new markets. Benefits include:

  • Formulate solid business strategies and make confident decisions that are backed by trusted data and analysis
  • Identify profitable, growth markets, and avoid areas of risk and decline
  • Identify feasible entry routes, and gain a comprehensive understanding of the market regulations, procurement procedures and budget allocation

Comprehensive database of defence industry competitors

Our comprehensive competitor database allows you to keep an eye on your competition, clients and suppliers. Subscribers can:

  • Maintain market share by tracking and benchmarking against your competitors
  • Download detailed company SWOT profiles
  • Stay ahead of the curve by analysing the latest competitor trends and understand their competitive strategy
  • Conduct price to win analysis

Find and track prospective clients to generate new business

Improve your customer relationships by quickly and efficiently tracking their movements, so you can gain a thorough understanding of their requirements and pre-empt their needs.

Users can create alerts to monitor and keep up to date with customer needs and always stay one step ahead, identify synergies and possible partnership opportunities, as well as scout prospective clients and strategically grow their accounts and your business.

Track and anticipate global trends and impacts

Our robust methodology of primary and secondary research conducted by our global team of analysts gives you unique and exclusive foresight into the latest emerging global trends.

Subscribers can gain first mover advantage by identifying and evaluating the trends early, and identify and capitalise on emerging trends and markets

In addition, our product enables users to open the window to the future and understand the direction of the market to keep yourself and your products relevant.

Defence industry sectors and segments

Sectors and segments we cover include:

  • Armoured vehicle
  • Armoured vehicle MRO
  • Ammunition and artillery
  • Body armour
  • C5ISR and ISTAR
  • Man-portable electronics
  • Missiles and missile defence systems
  • Soldier modernisation
  • Simulation, training, navigation and logistics

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Future of Australia Defence Industry: Market Attractiveness, Competitive Landscape and Forecasts to 2022 04 July 2017 This report offers insights into the market opportunities and entry strategies adopted by foreign original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to gain market share in the Australian defence industry.


The Global Military Electro Optical Infrared (EO/IR) Systems Market 2015-2025 13 July 2015 An introduction to the global military electro optical infrared (EO/IR) systems market 2015-2025.


The Global Soldier Modernization Market 2015-2025 06 July 2015 An introduction to the report on the global soldier modernization market 2015-2025.


The Global Military Simulation and Virtual Training Market 2015–2025 29 June 2015 The global military simulation market will show positive growth over the forecast period.


The Global Military Satellite Market 2015–2025 22 June 2015 The global military satellite market is expected to increase from US$5.7 billion in 2015 to US$9.7 billion in 2025, with cumulative spending of US$94.3 billion.