Technical Documentation & Integrated Logistic Support Services

CDG is a world-class strategic partner for manufacturers and operators of complex components and equipment. CDG provides: technical documentation and integrated logistic support services; ASD S1000D authors and consultancy; army equipment support publications (AESPs); operating manuals; military manuals; parts catalogues and technical manuals.

With increasing pressure on through-life costs, manufacturers need to focus on their core competencies to provide maximum value for their military customers. CDG’s expertise can add value and reduce cost throughout the life of a programme for component manufacturers, primes and the MoD.

ASD S1000D writers and consultants

With more military programmes specifying documentation to S1000D the need for skilled S1000D authors and software is increasing. This is an excellentalternative to recruiting authors and purchasing expensive software.

To support your S1000D requirements, CDG offers the following services:

  • S1000D technical authors and conversion services - our highly skilled technical authors have proven experience in authoring of S1000D-based publications and conversion of existing legacy publications into S1000D compliant format
  • S1000D consulting services - to assist with the implementation of S1000D. This could include general advice about the benefits; the development and implementation of a plan; writing business rules and advice during the implementation phase.

Army equipment support publications (AESPs)

AESPs are required when supplying complex equipment items to the UK Ministry of Defence. If you are not a regular supplier to the UK MoD, you may not have the in-house expertise necessary to produce AESPs.

At CDG we can take your existing manuals and produce an AESP to meet the requirements laid down in your MoD contract. Alternatively, we can produce a complete set of operating and maintenance manuals in the most appropriate format for distribution to your customers.

Military equipment operating, maintenance, technical and documents

Complex equipment requires comprehensive operating, maintenance and technical manuals to ensure it is operated and maintained in such a way as to minimize through-life costs. A comprehensively prepared suite of manuals can help to differentiate your offering during the bid process and substantially increase your customer satisfaction with the product.

Secure scanning

CDG offers a comprehensive array of secure scanning services supported by top-of-the-line digital imaging hardware and software. Documents of virtually any size or media format can be scanned, including: paper – colour and black and white; microfilm; microfiche; aperture cards; large format documents; engineering drawings and blueprints. Indexing of scanned documents enables rapid retrieval of critical information.

CDG uses both intelligent human-driven and automated OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technologies to create indexing for digital images. Output from scanned images can be provided in numerous formats, including: Indexed PDF; TIFF; JPEG; GIF; HTML and XML. Delivery options include DVD, CD-ROM and SFTP.

About CDG

CDG is a Boeing Company whose world class reputation is based on quality; on-time delivery; cost-effectiveness through productivity; sound advice and responsive customer service. CDG uses a combination of the latest off-the-shelf software, our unique proprietary software and a unique metrics system to deliver quality, increase productivity and reduce clients' costs.

With nine locations in the UK, USA and India, CDG has the expertise, engineers and the pricing structure to meet the through-life engineering needs of military suppliers and organisations alike.

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