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König Komfort-und Rennsitze is one of Germany's premier suppliers of military seating. Some of our military seat designs are patented and many are currently in active service: we supply the German Bundeswehr on projects such as Boxer, Fuchs, ESK, AMPV and TEP90. König also supplies Austria's and France's military vehicles with seats.

Fire, corrosion and temperature-resistant military seating

Our products comply with military specifications: they posses fire protection, if needed up to the aviation standard FAR25.853a (ADB0031); corrosion protection; and resistance to low and high temperatures. Our intention is to supply products that meet our customers' specific requirements.

Blast proof and IED-resistant military seating

Our military seats have been tested to ensure they are resistant to mine blast and IEDs. König uses special blast-absorbing foams as well as Sisiara energy-absorbing mesh for its blast proof and IED-resistant military seating.

Lightweight troop seats

Our product range includes individual seats that can be mounted in driving, sideward, rearward, wall and roof positions, meaning we can provide complete sets of lightweight troop seats with innovative patented comfort and safety features. We develop lightweight seats using new materials such as carbon fibre and glass fibre.

Modular lightweight troop seat

The 23-KSMS14 is a modular lightweight troop seat for side-wall mounting with integrated footrest.

Features include an adjustable seat cushion, adjustable and disappearing backrest, integrated storage for weapons, integrated toilet, removable seat cushion, and a four-point airbag belt-system for highest protection in case of crashes. The complete system is fire-protected to military aircraft standards.

Driving-position military seat

A driving-position military seat, the 23-WAB has an adjustable armrest with joystick holder. Features include an adjustable backrest, height adjustment of headrest, and integrated four-point belt-system. Mine-blast absorbing foam and adjustable footrests can be added if requested. Foams and covers come with fire protection to military aircraft standards.

Wall-mounting military seat

The 23-280 wall-mounting military seat comes with a headrest and four-point belt-system. Its fold-up cushion has a special latch to hold the cushion in position.

Driver or co-driver military seat

Our driver or co-driver military seat, the 23-FAH, possesses a standard three-point belt system, or if necessary a four-point belt system. The adjustable backrest can be moved forwards or backwards. The backrest can be released using the front handle or if necessary a handle can be added behind the seat.

The seat cushion can use special foam to reduce mine blast, or alternatively Sisiara energy-absorbing mesh. Foams and covers have fire protection to military aircraft standards.

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König Komfort- und Rennsitze GmbH
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carbon fibre seat The 23-IDZ2000-CFK is made from carbon fibre and is designed to protect 5%-95% of the occupant with full body armour and knapsack.
23-K1300 seat The 23-K1300 is easy to clean and has a four or five point integrated harness.
troop seat The 23-KSMS14 is a modular lightweight troop seat for side-wall mounting with integrated footrest.
military seat The 23-K7000MV has a mine blast-reducing seat cushion and is flame resistant.
23-K800 storable seat plan The 23-K800 has a storable seat plan and foldable back rest.
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