Off-Road Propulsion Systems for Wheeled Military Vehicles

Magna Powertrain Engineering Center STEYR (ECS)

Magna Powertrain Engineering Center STEYR (ECS) - founded by 'STEYR DAIMLER PUCH AG' - is a world-leading engineering and production company for exceptional off-road propulsion systems focusing on wheeled military vehicles in all classes.

Our competitive edge in the global industry is innovation. As a division of one of the most diversified automotive suppliers in the world, we have the experience, the testing facilities and the commitment to push the boundaries of technology.

Military vehicle engineering

With over 100 years of experience in the field of vehicle engineering and chassis development, ECS is a competence center for special vehicle engineering. By simulating and investigating interactions and movements of components under operating conditions, we are able to increase the maturity of concept design and perform a real simultaneous engineering process.

During the design process we establish the customer's requirements, the technical and financial feasibility of individual parts and the supplier's various manufacturing demands. We provide solutions according to customer requirements, from initial concepts to specifications for production.

Engine engineering

Our highly skilled engineers can carry out a complete engine development that takes modularity and customer expectations into account, including high durability, long lifecycles, cost-efficiency, and feasibility of design under consideration of local manufacturing requirements.

Drivetrain engineering

From advanced modular systems to innovative concepts for special vehicles, entire drivetrains and innovative engineering software solutions, ECS can provide the right solution for your military application.

Our systems offer a high torque-to-weight ratio, as well as outstanding durability, efficiency and robustness. The exceptional quality offered by ECS makes the company a key partner in the provision of complete powertrain architecture for all leading military vehicle programmes.

ECS provides engineering, testing and simulation services, including components for the hybridisation and electrification of military powertrain systems according to military standards. Our vast vehicle engineering experience gives us the ability to assist in the layout, benchmark and specification of powertrain systems, while also considering chassis and vehicle requirements.

System integration

ECS can develop and produce components and subsystems for its clients. As an additional benefit, ECS also offers the integration of complete systems. We accomplish this extra customer value through our extensive know-how, and application of highly sophisticated tools, methods and processes over the complete product development process.

Military vehicle testing

ECS has its own proving ground for military vehicle testing. The facility has a variety of on-road and off-road tracks and obstacles for performing complete vehicle testing and evaluations, benchmarks, load data acquisition, and NVH and endurance testing of a range of vehicles, from SUVs, to pick ups, to 8x8 heavy-duty trucks.

The proving ground at the STEYR facility is ideal for heavy-duty applications and off-road vehicles, including obstacles according to NATO standards.

Technical application software and support

ECS offers modular calculation and simulation software solutions for vehicle engineering and manufacturing. ECS software manages design and manufacturing tasks in a timely and cost-efficient way. Even at the beginning of the engineering task, critical areas, processes and interconnections can be simulated. ECS supports design and engineering teams by means of individualised engineering software that reflects the laws of physics for highest level demands.

Military vehicle development and production

Due to its long experience in the field of vehicle design engineering and the production of automotive components, ECS can supply a full range of services in the field of product development, including product definition, concept, design, simulation, prototyping, developing the production process, serial production, delivery and testing services.

Our expertise and high level of innovation, as well as our continuous improvement process, enables us to offer our customers the best performance to cost ratio. ECS offers the following services:

  • Systems architecture and integration
  • Commercial vehicle and special vehicle development
  • Engine and engine components development
  • Powertrain systems and development
  • Electrical systems / electronics / mechatronics
  • Simulation services and software solutions for production development
  • Testing services (motor, powertrain, noise vibration and harshness, durability, total vehicle)
  • Production of power drive systems

Recent ECS innovations

Our most recent innovation for hybrid powertrain is the development of an integrated motor generator (IMG). Using the IMG with disconnecting clutch in a conventional drivetrain extends the operation modes significantly and saves energy. Furthermore, operation in silent mode is possible due to its double-clutch system.

Contact Details

Engineering Center Steyr GmbH & Co KG
Steyrer Strasse 32
4300 Sankt Valentin
Contact: Hans-Peter Zuschrader
+43 664 200 7005 (mobile)
+43 7435 501 2402
+43 7435 501 9402

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