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Prospect Insurance Brokers (Prospect) are a Lloyd's of London broker providing customised (re)insurance solutions for clients worldwide.

Our team has unique relationships throughout Lloyd's and international markets to find the most effective solutions to meet all insurance needs.

Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) insurance

Prospect offers market-leading coverage for civil and commercial UAV operators worldwide.

Our standard coverage includes hull and third-party liability, but we are also able to provide hull war and war liability extensions for hazardous or high-risk environments.

We are able to cater for all types of UAVs, from quadcopters to multi million-pound unmanned aircraft, while covering operators with one UAV or large fleets of varying models.

Personal accident and disability insurance for employees

Prospect provides cover to those in hazardous occupations with a constant risk of serious injury or death.

We also offer accidental death and disability coverage to those working in some of the most adverse parts of the world, including war and terrorism coverage for security personnel, contractors, non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and aid agencies operating in conflicted parts of the world.

Prospect also provides high-limit event accumulations and catastrophe cover, either on a per-person or group basis, and coverage is offered on a worldwide basis (excluding the US).

Crisis assistance for prevention of injury or loss

Prospect offers access to crisis consultants that will help prevent injury or loss to those travelling in hostile areas or caught up in challenging or dangerous events.

Experienced professionals will help handle the response to a number of perils, including terrorism, natural disasters, hijack, disappearance, political threat, blackmail or extortion.

We also provide emergency expenses for political and natural disaster evacuations, as well as emergency medical care.

Cyber insurance to combat identity theft and business losses

Our cyber product is available to a wide range of industries and covers a broad range of network, privacy and multimedia related risks.

The product covers various perils, including data breach notification costs, cyber extortion, credit monitoring costs, business interruption, regulatory defence and penalty costs, forensic costs, and public relation costs.

About Prospect Insurance Brokers

Prospect Insurance Brokers is a Lloyd's of London (re)insurance broker founded in 2010, with a wealth of experience.

We offer a range of other services, with facilities for a number of different exposures such as cargo insurance, general liability insurance, property insurance, life insurance, terrorism and political violence insurance, transportation insurance and professional liability insurance.

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