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Lightweight Military Fabrics and Composite Armor

Fuelled by innovation and technology, Lincoln Fabrics has grown over the past half century into one of the leading weavers of specialty fabrics for high performance and life critical applications.

Lincoln Fabrics has in-depth knowledge of fiber properties, weaving technology, and weave design. We are a leading weaver in specialty fabrics for high performance and life critical applications. We utilize Carbon, S-2® glass, Kevlar™, Twaron™, Nomex™, Nylon and Cordura™.

Fiber reinforcements for composite armor

A key ingredient for composite structural properties is derived from the fiber reinforcements. Lincoln Fabrics produces carbon, S2® glass and aramid fabrics (Twaron™ and Kevlar™ that offer unique advantages for ballistic protection in composite armor.

Lincoln Fabrics uses its in-depth knowledge of fiber properties, weaving technology and composite processes to engineer reinforcements for existing and specialized composite applications.

Lightweight fabrics for personal protection

Our clientele rely on Lincoln’s ability to produce consistent, lightweight fabrics for ballistic protection within military applications. High performance fibers such as Kevlar™, Twaron™, S-2® are woven using our state of the art looms and equipment.

Lincoln has a wide variety of fabric coatings and laminating capabilities which can be combined with different fiber properties to meet the desired performance criteria. Our well-established strategic alliances allow us to meet exacting customer requirements and provide solid solutions in today’s competitive marketplace.

Ballistic and protective fabrics we manufacture are used in the following applications:

  • Vests
  • Fragmentation vests
  • Rigid / hard armor
  • Helmets
  • Blast resistant suits
  • Bomb blankets

Military fabrics

Today’s military products are produced from such fibers as nylon / cotton, Cordura, texturized nylon, Twaron™, Nomex™, and Kevlar™. The many end uses for the products we produce include insoles for boots, protective cases, shells for tactical vests, combat clothing, uniforms and camouflage fabrics.

We create these products with many protective finishes such as oil and water repellency, arid printing, temperate printing, fire retardant and urethane coatings, to name a few. At Lincoln, we are very accustomed to building products to custom specifications for use in demanding and complex end-use applications.

Lincoln Fabrics is dedicated to innovation and technology and would like to work with you, to provide the best ballistic fabrics possible for your application.

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