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Tactical Breaching Tools

Tactical breaching tools made by Gränsfors Smide are in use by special army forces, SWAT-teams and firefighters. Originally developed by Swedish SWAT units, these state-of-the-art-breaching tools are in use by military and law enforcement units around the globe.

Our company is located between Sundsvall and Hudiksvall on the Swedish east coast and our forge has been in use since the 1940s. We run a fairly small team of specialist smiths and we are confident that our breaching tools are of top quality and are some of the best in the field worldwide.

Each one of our tools is handcrafted and all steps in the manufacturing process reflect the professionalism and heritage of Swedish craftsmanship.

Below is a short description of our most popular breaching tools on the market. More comprehensive information and our other products can be found on our website.

Tactical bars for reinforced doors

The tactical bar is a lightweight bar designed for breaking down reinforced doors. It is forged of specially alloyed spring steel and is fully tempered. It is extremely strong in relation to its low weight, and will withstand tremendous strain without yielding. The bar's head is built for striking, while the claw's sides have profiled and shaped edges to prevent 'back slip' when breaching.

The design is based on our award-winning product, the TOVE crowbar, which has been produced since the 1940s and is a true classic.

Wooden door breaching tool

The wooden door breaching tool is a double-edged entry tool designed for wedging and breaching inward and outward opening wooden doors. With its wide bite, this tool normally keeps a wooden door intact until it is fully forced open, avoiding the problem of the door partially breaking and being held in place by the lock.

Steel door breaching tool

The steel door breaching tool is designed to wedge open and breach heavily reinforced steel doors. The sides of the head have profiled and shaped edges to prevent 'back slip' when breaching.

Rams for small, large and reinforced doors

Our rams come in two sizes depending on the job. Both offer the power of a ram and the speed of a sledgehammer in one tool.

The small ram is an alternative to a sledge hammer when working with other breaching tools or for opening all kinds of doors. Its handy size offers the power of a ram and the speed of a sledgehammer in one tool.

For heavily reinforced doors we recommend our large ram that provides the extra power that may be needed. It can also be used by two operators.

Adjustable steel bolt cutters

Our adjustable steel bolt cutters offer cutting capacity up to 15mm concrete reinforcing rod or 9mm valve spring steel. Cutters between 18in and 36in have jaws that can be easily adjusted by the simple patented adjusting system and give high cutting power even at the start of the cut. Forged from precision high-grade steel with no protruding parts to get damaged or deformed.

Break and rake tool

The break and rake tool was specifically engineered for window entries. It features a laser cut hook and serrated blade constructed of high-quality steel. Use the hook to remove curtains, blinds and other obstructions, for a safer entry.

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