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Cleanwaste - Dry Portable Toilet Systems Featuring the Original WAG BAG®

Cleanwaste is the primary supplier to the military for personal human waste management solutions by providing compact field latrines, biodegradable waste kits, personal urine bags,and privacy shelters for situations without plumbing. Our PETT® portable toilet folds to fit under the seat your transport vehicle, and the WAG BAG (waste alleviation and gelling) waste bags and Pee-Wee® unisex urine bags can be used anywhere and anytime you’ve ‘gotta go’, and reduce the spread of disease in close areas like remote FOBs and training areas.

WAG and urine management bags and portable toilets

Human waste management is often the last item on the list, but quickly takes priority when it becomes necessary. For units on training rotations in a remote area, it’s unlikely there are portable facilities available and digging pit latrines are unsanitary for them and other units. If troops are stationed on a remote FOB, with limited road access, proper waste management facilities do not exist and the risk of spreading diseases is high. During a long hop or en-route on deployment, the need to ‘go’ can’t be ignored but there is not always a sanitary facility available.

Waste kit solutions

Our fully biodegradable WAG BAG waste kits are the solution to your bathroom needs, thanks to our proprietary technology contained in each bag – Poo Powder®, which is a NASA-developed superabsorbent, with a natural decay catalyst and odor neutralizer designed to gel and encapsulate up to 32oz (946ml) of liquid and solid wastes for safe disposal. Once the waste is encapsulated in the primary bag, it rolls into the puncture-resistant disposal bag for safe and easy transport to the trash. For added peace of mind, we include a small amount of toilet paper and a hand sanitizing wipe.

Man-portable toilets

The PETT® portable toilet’s design is ideal for military use because of its compact and lightweight features to keep your troops on the go. Our toilet folds to the size of a standard briefcase, includes a carrying handle, and weighs only 7lbs (3.2 kg). The locking three-leg, patented design is easy to snap open for use in under a minute, and the molded seat provides the comfort of home.

Field-tested and proven, our portable toilet is the most requested toilet in the US military because of the ease, convenience and comfort it offers our troops in difficult situations.

Convoy-friendly waste management

Convoys stop for nothing – including bathroom breaks. With a biodegradable Pee-Wee unisex urine bag, have the convenience of a toilet folded into your pocket for the emergency “gotta go now!” The slip-resistant collar provides an easy way for men and women to spread open the top of the Pee-Wee bag, hold close to their body and relieve themselves of liquid waste. Each Pee-Wee comes pre-loaded with the Poo Powder superabsorbent that will gel up to 24oz of liquid waste in seconds, making it easy to snap-close the top and contain the waste until you reach the trash.

Complete toilet systems

For complete privacy, we offer a toilet system that includes our PUP® Privacy Tent that stands 6.5ft tall and has no floor for added sanitation. The PUP sets up in seconds with the easy snap-together locks, and takes down just as easily. Weighing only 7lbs, it fits easily into our TOTE® backpack which holds your PETT Toilet and extra WAG BAG waste kits for real on-the-go convenience. The tent can double as a shower since it has no floor and has a space in the top to insert a shower hose.

Use and deployments

Cleanwaste products have been used by all branches of the US military and by international militaries as well for over ten years. To date, over 11,000,000 WAG BAG waste kits have been sold to US forces since 1999, and have been used during current troop deployments to Afghanistan or on-base in the US during a training rotation in a remote area, or areas that require environmental protection for future use.

Cleanwaste is mission ready to support your waste management needs for your next deployment.

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Biodegradable liquid and solid waste kits fits easily in pockets for those “gotta go” moments.Reduces odor and contact with waste and spread of disease.
Most compact, lightweight, personal-sized portable toilet available that feels like a true toilet,folds quickly and stores easily
Convoy friendly, biodegradble, unisex urine bags, capable of gelling 24 oz (710 ml) of liquid waste. Gives peace of mind in tight spots.
Complete Toilet System includes toilet and shelter and waste kits for a total toilet solution that weighs less than 20 lbs (9 kg). Easy to carry inside custom backpack.
All Cleanwaste toilet products fit easily into backpack for maximum portability and convenience for when you’re on the ‘go’.
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