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Arctic Heat manufactures and distributes a cutting-edge body cooling vest and other personal cooling aides. The Arctic Heat vest is a lightweight, effective, efficient personal prevention method for heat stress.

Lightweight body cooling vest

The Arctic Heat body cooling vest is a lightweight garment designed specifically for body cooling in every way. The vest works by mimicking the body's natural cooling process of keeping the skin dry and cool thus stabilizing core temperature.

It is made from two body cooling fabrics, Sportwool and Micromesh, which have a wicking effect. This wicking effect transfers moisture form the skin to the front of the garment keeping the skin almost completely dry. A crystal is built into strategically placed pockets in the vest which activates into a gel when soaked in water; this gel holds the temperature it is introduced to for long periods cooling the skin. For example if the activated (gel) vest is placed into a freezer the gel will freeze, if it is placed into a fridge or ice water it will take on this temperature.

Heating and cooling vest

The vest weighs only 800g to 1kg, making it light and non-restrictive to wear. If needed the vest can also be used as a heating vest; no other technology can be used both ways nor is there anything else available as specific as this vest.

Skin temperature cooling vest

Independent testing carried out on the vest has proved how quick and effective it is. The vest, when placed directly against the skin, can drop skin temperature by up to 17°C in about 7min and if placed over a light singlet or shirt by up to 13°C. The vest can be used before, during or after activity, which ever suits the wearer best.

When the vest is removed it takes about 20min during high activity for the skin to return to ambient temperature giving the wearer prolonged cooling effect and increasing the protection time form the heat. This time is longer when the activity is not heavy or consistent.

Heart-rate and sweat reduction vest

The generic results show that by using the vest, heart rate is reduced by 10 beats/minute and the amount of sweating is reduced by 13%. The Arctic Heat body cooling vest reduces physiological and subjective strain during activity in heat, and promotes efficient workload by up to 10%. The vest greatly reduces the chances of heat injury occurring in an efficient comfortable manner.

The vest is at its best when frozen, but can be very effective when placed into a fridge, in ice or in a slurry of ice water. If small freezers were available for the vests only, they would be at their maximum capacity all day. The vests are now used very successfully in sport, industry, medical and military applications; in fact anywhere that heat is a problem. In summary the Arctic Heat body cooling vest is an effective efficient tool in the prevention of heat injury.

Major benefits of using the Arctic Heat body cooling vest include:

  • Lowers skin temperature by up to 17°C
  • Conserves fluids
  • Stabilizes core temperature
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Increased maximum work output
  • Made from specific body cooling materials

About Arctic Heat products

Arctic Heat offers cutting edge technology and design resulting in versatile, easy to use personal cooling products. The Arctic Heat body cooling vest has proven to be the leader in its field resulting in most leading sporting, industrial, military and medical organizations sourcing this vest. Arctic Heat is the simple, effective answer to heat stress management.

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