Air Purification Masks, Inline and Two-Filter Blowers and Air Flow Monitoring Equipment

For more than 40 years Micronel has been a leading Swiss manufacturer of high-efficiency fans and blowers used for both equipment cooling and personal protection applications in the industrial, civil defence, homeland security, army and special task force sectors.

C411 air purification mask

The C411 air purification mask generates an overpressure within the mask resulting distinctive advantages. During normal breathing the purified air fills the mask and creates positive pressure within the mask thus preventing entry of contaminated air into the mask and thereby providing a high protection factor.

The C411 mask offers powerful assistance for breathing, especially for people who are untrained or have limited experience with the use of respirators. In addition, the unit considerably facilitates heavy work performance in extreme climatic conditions. The overpressure within the mask results in less formation of humidity and subsequently high comfort due to cooling effects and lack of internal condensation.

C420 two-filter radial blower

The NATO approved C420 is a high performance radial blower which provides a constant filtered airflow of between 115l/min and 140l/min to the user’s mask, thus providing a higher safety factor due to positive pressure in the mask.

Unlike many unsealed commercial PAPRs, the C420 can be effectively decontaminated of NBC agents and other toxic industrial chemicals. The C420 blower is air-tight and waterproof and may be fully submerged for decontamination.

C012 inline blower

The Micronel C012 inline blower is the smallest PAPR worldwide. It’s handy and fly-weight size facilitates a variety of wearing positions. The ergonomic size also allows it to be carried in pockets, providing a unique breathing support when wearing of protection masks and use of filters is required. With the use of the C012 inline blower supplementary PAPRs are unnecessary.

Impeller anemometer precision monitoring for pressure and airflow

How fast is the air flowing through the tube? Is it flowing at the correct rate? Is there enough pressure? Up until now, all air flow parameters that until now have only been tested with rudimentary systems. A new, intelligent and very precise solution to this problem is, however, now being marketed by Micronel. With the new Y630 impeller anemometer it is possible to perform precision monitoring of the effective airflow volume even while the device is in use and then, if necessary, to correct it.

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