Safe Munitions Disposal, Explosion Containment Vessels and Explosives Storage

Jakusz is a Polish company, certified by Nato under NCAGE 1401H, with a vast amount of experience in designing, manufacturing, testing and implementing security devices and services. Our products are designed to protect individual citizens, the military and public institutions.

The company's mission is to implement new security technologies in response to constantly changing threats. We aim to meet the customer's needs with tailor made solutions. We believe our company proves that Polish technological ideas on the international market have a lot of potential. We own construction, technological and research facilities, and in 2009 we set up the EOD Technicians Training Centre.

Technology for munitions destruction

Jakusz designs and implements technology for munitions destruction. This process is safe for operators and environmentally friendly. Mobile installations offered by the company enable components of the ammunition to be recovered and recycled.

The main advantage of this is the possibility to carry out serial demilitarisation operations on an industrial scale directly within ammunition depots without the need to transport dangerous, obsolete ammunition outside. This minimises the risk of accidental explosions as well as possible losses, thefts or insurgent attacks during transport. Furthermore, application of the mobile disassembly plant saves a significant amount on transport costs.

Ammunition disposal services

Installations for ammunition disposal offered by Jakusz may be adjusted for the safe destruction of several types and calibres of ammunition including mines, rockets and special ammunition (e.g. RPG). The mobile plant for ammunition disposal may consist of dozens of container or stationary installations.

Explosion containment vessels

We offer a range of vessels designed for safe transport, temporary storage and destroying hazardous items containing explosive materials and chemical or biological agents (in case of gas-tight vessels) e.g. transport of UXO, isolation of suspect luggage and packages at airports.

In case of detonation the vessels protect human life, infrastructure and the natural environment from the effects of an explosion equivalent to 0.2kg-10kg of TNT.

The vessels produced by Jakusz may be installed on specialised vehicles, trailers, transport platforms or may be equipped with a chassis (excluding a detonation chamber which can be manufactured in a container or stationary version).

Specialised storage constructions for hazardous materials

We develop storage constructions which allow temporary or permanent storage of explosives. Mobile and stationary depots provide full protection against the effects of the explosion such as the shock wave and fragments.

Depots are designed for safe storage of explosives (military and industrial), ammunition and its components, undertaken UXO and misfires until they are destroyed, sensitive substances with explosive properties used by different industry sectors (e.g. pharmaceutical or automotive), laboratory samples, judicial deposits and pyrotechnic materials.

Electromagnetic shielded enclosures and chambers

Shielded enclosures and shielded chambers are designed to protect valuable information kept on computer systems from eavesdropping and electromagnetic interference. Installations are used to protect individual telecommunication devices, operation facilities, in design studios, conference rooms, data archives, communication centres and secret offices. They can be also used as medical laboratories.

Shielded enclosures can be manufactured to comply with different levels of SDIP standards and they are certified by military and government certifications bodies in case of classified information protection.

Shielded chambers guarantee high and long-lasting parameters of electromagnetic attenuation. The level of attenuation depends on the function of the room and the type of protected information.

Shielded rooms may be certified by the state security service (to protect classified information) or by approved laboratories accepted by the user. Jakusz offers technology for the protection of information, objects and installations of crucial importance for homeland security.

Critical infrastructure protection systems

The complex solutions offered by the Jakusz concern the protection of crisis management centres, government administration and public utility objects (such as airports, stadiums, railway stations, postal sorting) from terrorist attacks. Our aim is to offer optimal solutions on the basis of risk and cost analysis.

The offer contains:

  • Professional advice during the phase of designing or the construction of a building especially concerning the resistance of construction to explosion in such localisation which minimises the explosion's destructive effects
  • Designing access passages to the building
  • Expertise in the field of clearing the land of hazardous materials
  • Designing and equipping mail depots
  • Securing restricted areas inside the buildings from electronic and acoustic eavesdropping

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