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AB Precision (Poole) Ltd - Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Remotely Operated Vehicles, Disruptors, De-Armers, Mine Disposal Equipment and EOD Tools

AB Precision (Poole), or ABP, are an established engineering company founded in 1965. They are a member of the DMA, the APPSS and ISO 9001 accredited.

The EOD and remote vehicle business unit are responsible for a number of projects, in service with the UK MoD and worldwide. These include the Needle, Pigstick and Hotrod water jet disrupters, the ABL 900 (Dragon) de-armer and the ABL1000 recoilless disrupter / de-armer. ABP works with other companies to produce bespoke EOD and defence solutions.

De-armers / disruptors

ABP manufacture a wide range of conventional and recoilless disruptors and de-armers for use against a variety of IEDs or conventional munitions, now including 'stand back attack' options. The newest additions are ABL 2000 and ABL 3000 recoilless disrupters, Needle Plus, and the ultra lightweight disposable disruptors (ULDD) Mantis and Scorpion. Other products include limpet mine disposal equipment (LMDE).

Dragon (ABL900) de-armer

The Dragon (ABL900) de-armer render a variety of air dropped munitions, land service ammunition and IEDs safe. This is achieved by projecting appropriately shaped steel slugs at high velocity into the fuzes or pistols of conventional munitions or into the bodies of IEDs.

Limpet mine disposal equipment

Limpet mine disposal equipment (LMDE) has been developed to disrupt thin cased mines that have been attached to the hull / structure of a ship or underwater.

IED disruptor devices

The Hotrod disruptor is an established piece of equipment for disruption of IEDs that are contained in larger or better protected enclosures, while the Needle Disruptor defeats letter or small parcel IED devices.

The Needle Plus is a 'leadless' cartridge and breach system which allows standard command cable to be connected in a manner common to ABP's other disruptors, such as Pigstick and Hotrod.

The Pigstick disruptor is an established equipment for disruption of thin walled Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). The Mantis lightweight disposable disruptor has been designed to provide equivalent disruptive performance to the Pigstick, thus providing the de facto standard capability in disruption of IEDs.

The Scorpion high-power disruptor is capable of carrying out safe procedures on IEDs of approximately suitcase size, and smaller, better-protected targets.

Recoilless disruptors

ABP manufacture a range of recoilless disruptors and de-armers for use on remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) / unmanned ground vehicles (UGVs) and when in confined spaces to reduce secondary damage. ABP's conventional disruptors and de-armers have a proven track record, over the past 35 years, with security forces around the world.

Explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) equipment

Our EOD products include the non-magnetic mine prodder, the Minex miniature single channel exploder with removable shock tube adaptor, the detonator crimp tool (also known as the crimp tool L30A1) and the abrasive water cutting system (AWCS).

EOD remotely operated vehicles / unmanned ground vehicles

In the early 1990s, ABP and its ROV Cyclops provided the world's EOD community with its first readily available means to remotely deploy EOD / IEDD tools in confined and difficult to access areas such as those found in buses, planes, trains and residential dwellings.

Our ROV / UGV fleet includes the Cyclops miniature ROV / UGV - early versions of which serve with the UK MoD as 'Buckeye' - and the newly launched Guardian ROV / UGV. Originally designed to work in confined spaces such as aircraft and trains, the Cyclops / Guardian has been developed so that it now is capable of carrying up to four weapons, a manipulator or a combination of both, as well as real-time radiographic equipment and a variety of detectors including chemical and explosives vapour, laser range finders and radiation detectors.

Portable and compact, the addition of a big wheel kit to the standard Mk4D Cyclops and Guardian increases versatility and makes it suitable for use by rapid response teams in areas not accessible to the carrier vehicle. These areas include underground railway systems.

Trails and assessment

ABP are pleased to announce, following extensive assessment worldwide, the following new developments:

  • ABL2000 and ABL3000 recoilless disruptor
  • Next generation.Needle Plus with new cartridge and breach cap for easier assembly
  • Mantis and Scorpion ultra lightweight disposable disruptors particularly suited to applications such as Special Forces operations.

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AB Precision (Poole) Ltd
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ABP’s Cyclops MK4d Miniature Remotely Operated Vehicle, shown in wheeled configuration for EOD and h Guardian miniature ROV.
ABP’s Cyclops MK4d Miniature Remotely Operated Vehicle, shown in tracked (stair climbing) configurat Guardian miniature ROV, showing class-leading vertical reach.
ABP’s Bison<SUP>TM</SUP> and Groundhog<SUP>TM</SUP> Remotely Operated Vehicles AWCS configured to cut into the rear of an aerial dropped bomb and into the fuze pocket.
A selection of ABP’s Disruptor/De-Armer range - Pigstick, ABL2000, Needle, Hotrod and ABL1000. A selection of ABP’s disruptor / de-armer range - Pigstick, ABL2000, Needle, Hotrod and ABL1000.
An example of ABP’s other EOD-related products – a single channel miniature exploder and shock tube An example of ABP’s other EOD-related products – a single channel miniature exploder and shock tube (Nonel) adaptor.
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