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i-bodi Technology is an innovative leader in project research, development and manufacturing. We are specialists in developing bespoke products from customer-defined specifications, with particular expertise in computer controlled test platforms for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) protective clothing and respirator evaluation.

i-bodi Technology has developed heated, sweating and anthropometrically correct mannequins that can bend, walk and run. We have also developed head-forms with soft polymer skins that fully articulate and breathe, can be heated and sweat; they can have internal cameras for fogging evaluation and can mimic speech.

With over 20 years of industry experience, we specialise in providing intelligent solutions for both industry and large government organisations by developing products from initial concepts through to prototyping and manufacturing.

FARSS (fogging and respiratory simulation system)

FARSS is a computer-controlled, sweating, heated head form that has been developed by i-bodi for a UK research agency to evaluate fogging and ice propagation in air crew, military and first responder respirators. Benefits include:

  • Accurate programmable sweat rates
  • Purpose-developed acuity screen to maximise analysed area
  • Selectable sweat zones
  • Humidified breathing machine
  • Intensity and area of misting analysed
  • Highly accurate repeatable testing
  • Variable breathing rates
  • Intregrated enrironmental chamber

AHFC (automated head form CBplus)

i-bodi Technology developed the articulated, carbon composite head form and upper torso as part of the CBplus mannequin technology system on request from a Canadian government agency. The headform was adapted to run as a portable standalone system for use in smaller test chambers and temporary environmental analysis tents. It can also be used in conjunction with a digital breathing machine and software, the DBM-01, below.

DBM-01 (digital breathing machine)

The DBM-01 has been developed as a standalone unit with a USB connection to a PC and for use in conjunction with head forms or mannequins to simulate live participant breathing in respirator and hard-wear evaluation studies and similar applications. The DBM-01 is purpose-built from components to allow external exposure to harsh environments and internal exposure to contaminated air supplies.

RTHF V2 (respirator testing head form)

This respirator testing head form has been designed as a test platform for simulating the realistic movements and breathing routines of combat field operatives. It has been developed to provide fully controllable and repeatable trials with the clear objective of analysing the functionality of respirators. Any combination of movements and breathing patterns can be used, giving the user complete control of any test configuration.

CRAM (chemically resistant automated mannequin)

The CBplus mannequin technology system was developed by i-bodi Technology to a specification provided by Defence Research and Development Canada as part of the wider CBplus project. It is a lightweight, chemically resistant, articulated mannequin, capable of performing test sequences comprised of any combination of ten pre-programmed moves for periods of up to six hours in chemically challenging environments. Also included in the mannequin system is an interchangeable carbon composite torso for use in testing body clothing, headwear and respirators.

FASTMAN (fully-articulated anthropometrically correct, sweating, thermo-regulated mannequin)

FASTMAN is an anthropometrically-designed carbon composite mannequin that has a heated surface and the ability to sweat. The mannequin is computer controlled, and when attached to its drive frame it can be made to run and walk at different speeds. It can also simulate different positions including sitting, stretching, kneeling and reaching. The mannequin, drive frame and transport trolley have been constructed from a range of materials chosen for their resistance to common threats, both simulated and real, as well as cleaning agents.

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