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Founded in 1976, Cargotec GBO designs, manufactures and supports fast, efficient and flexible mechanical handling equipment exclusively for the worldwide military sector.

Flexible logistic fleets

Changing threats, plus the requirement for rapid response, demands increased flexibility and mobility for the prime mover. Cargotec GBO is meeting this challenge with meticulous design development and innovative equipment for the new generation of logistic fleets.

Military payload handling solutions

A ceaseless flow of new development from the Cargotec research units gives the company world-leading status in many of its business areas. Through this support, Cargotec GBO can provide customers with innovative solutions for military payload handling problems.

Worldwide supply and customer service

Cargotec GBO supplies its products worldwide, to any applicable specified standard. The organisation is ISO 9001:2008 approved and 14001 accredited.

Support is available in most parts of the world throughout a product’s full service-life. From the early stages of design, whole life costs are considered, to ensure Cargotec’s customers receive a life-long cost-effective solution.

Load handling systems for adverse conditions

Forward area logistics demand capable and effective solutions. Combat stresses, combined with extremes of climate and terrain require easy-to-use, flexible, versatile payload handling equipment. Cargotec GBO load handling systems are combat-proven in recent conflicts and are in continuous use by military and aid organisations worldwide.

Payload handling solutions

Today’s payload diversities can provide challenges. Cargotec GBO specialises in creating feasible, effective solutions for load handling requirements while complying with all applicable standards and regulations. Equipment is available in a range of capacities for any suitable prime mover, subject to engineering interfaces.

Load handling systems for military logistic equipment

Employed by armies worldwide, in conditions ranging from desert sand to arctic ice, Cargotec GBO MULTILIFT demountables have a proven track record and have become the first choice in load handling for the new generation of military logistic equipment.

The ‘demountable’ concept is now recognised as the most cost-effective way to provide fast and flexible front-line logistic support. A fact proven by their continued performance in recent conflicts, where MLRS rocket pods, artillery ammunition, water and fuel are all transported by this method. MULTILIFT demountables also carry ISO containers, loaded with vital stores from ports to the forward areas.

Flatracks, freight containers, adaptor pallets and special purposes modules

There are four fundamental types of payload modules for the HIAB MULTILIFT system that facilitate the multiple mission capability:

  • Basic flatracks
  • Basic and special-purpose modules with an integral sub-frame, which can include command and communication shelters, medical units and other dedicated units
  • Standard ISO 668 20ft (1C and 1CC) freight containers
  • Adaptor pallets that are based on the Nato interface

The demountable concept excels over traditional, time-consuming distribution systems because:

  • Flatracks or containers are stored pre-loaded
  • The transport vehicle arrives
  • Picks up the flatrack, container or body and drives off in less than five minutes

Countries to accept and adopt the demountable concept early were the UK, US, Canada and the Scandinavian countries. This success story has since spread throughout the globe as interoperability with worldwide partners has become a key operational requirement.

HIAB loader cranes

Cargotec GBO’s product line comprises core model ranges developed to meet the complete spectrum of requirements expected from its challenging role in the military sector.

HIAB loader cranes have been supplied to armed forces around the world to meet a multitude of payload handling tasks in all conditions. The core product ranges are supported with a flexible customisation programme to suit specific customer needs, such as: air-transportability, particular climatic/terrain conditions or specialised installations. In fact, HIAB loader cranes can be fitted to almost any prime mover.

The HIAB advantage:

  • Common, modular components, providing maintenance advantages, plus exceptional flexibility in the field
  • Cranes are developed accordingly to exceed most crane standards around the world
  • Control systems are manufactured to military specification
  • Corrosion protection to military specifications
  • Integrated Logistic Support (ILS) – a turn-key approach to providing complete logistic support
  • Integrated crane customisation
  • Mounting on ships, armoured vehicles and more
  • Meeting specific requirements; extreme environmental demands, high pressures and dangerous loads

Truck mounted forklift for load handling solutions

Transforming load handling around the world for more than 40 years, the name MOFFETT has become synonymous for truck-mounted forklifts. MOFFETT has pioneered load handling solutions, particularly within the military sector, where it has out-performed the competition and risen to meet difficult logistics challenges across a diverse range of terrain and climatic conditions.

US military engineers have recognised that MOFFETT military machines are some of the toughest and most resilient mobile materials handling equipment ever tested.

MOFFETT prides itself on an uncompromising R&D programme that continuously improves the design, manufacture, safety and reliability. For example, a MOFFETT can be carried on the back of a truck or trailer with no loss of load space.

Key features and benefits:

  • Operated by one person – the truck driver
  • Go anywhere – rough terrain, all conditions
  • Precise load positioning
  • Reduced damage
  • Multi-role capabilities
  • High versatility plus safe and easy to operate
  • Reduced injuries to personnel through elimination of manual load handling
  • CAT C

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Government Business Operations

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