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Marmon-Herrington - All-Wheel Drive Axles and Components for the Military Industry

Marmon-Herrington axles have continuously set the benchmark for industry-standard quality features that make trucks dependable and maximise productivity. We pioneered such industry firsts as the standard double-cardan steering joints and low profile differentials.

Today, we offer a broad range of axle configurations, tie rods, hydraulic and air brakes, and both North American and ISO wheel mounts. Our transfer cases also have earned a reputation as the best in the industry, offering virtually trouble-free operation in a wide range of torque capacities.

All-wheel drive kits, axles and components for class 6, 7, and 8 trucks

Since the 1930s, Marmon-Herrington have designed and produced all-wheel drive kits and axles for off-line installation. Today, we offer kitting solutions for most class 6, 7, and 8 trucks. These kits represent the best in original equipment manufacturer (OEM) quality and function for severe all-wheel drive applications.

Modular axles and transfer cases for army vehicles

Marmon-Herrington kits include the best of our modular axles and transfer cases for every intended application. To provide clearance for the all-wheel drive axles and components, we offer our proven riser block, sub-frame or step-frame designs. Clients can be satisfied to know that Marmon-Herrington kits meet all applicable federal motor vehicle safety standards.

Marmon-Herrington works closely with our large, dedicated customer base to change specifications and stay ahead of diverse industry trends. From powertrain emission standards to changing driver skills and expectations, we lead the way in bringing information and design solutions to the OEM. That's how we've become their trusted partner in drive train innovation. The benefit to customers lies in the fact that when they specify Marmon-Herrington, they can be confident in the quality and rewarded with its long-term dependability and value.

Tailor-made axle solution for military vehicles

Marmon-Herrington understands the need for power and dependability in everyday as well as unique applications. That's why we don't produce and sell a single standard solution - we sell solutions that will help clients get the job done. Whether a customer manages a fleet of utility trucks, snowplows or military vehicles, we'll work with the OEM chassis design team to meet their specification requirements.

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Axle welding taking place Marmon Herrington produce tailor made all-wheel drive axles for type 6, 7 and 8 trucks.
Modular vehicles axles in factory setting Marmon Herrington’s range of modular axles are fully compliant with federal motor vehicle safety standards.
Softwae training taking place Marmon Herrington work closely with clients to ensure a fully bespoke turnkey service.
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