KALLER Heavy-Duty Gas Spring Technology for the Defence Industry

The Swedish company Strömsholmen develops, manufactures and markets KALLER gas springs and gas hydraulic systems for stamping dies and for heavy duty off-road vehicles. Since 1983, Strömsholmen – the market leader in the gas spring technology field – has been working in close cooperation with its customers in the development and introduction of new and advanced products.

In line with growing demands for more flexible suspension systems for heavy-duty off-road military vehicles, KALLER offers its customers a wide range of bespoke gas spring products.

Basic suspensions and ride height control for military vehicles

As better suspension means better comfort and personnel safety, our gas springs drastically reduce vibration levels enabling the vehicle and driver to perform better. This increased efficiency also decreases total vehicle emissions as well as wear on vehicle and driving surface. KALLER offers ride height control of the vehicle. This is useful for military vehicles when they are boarding freight planes.

Our adjustable suspension is also the perfect solution when it comes to reducing the damage from improvised explosives devices (IEDs) as the ride height can be increased if desired. Our suspension systems allows for the payload compensation to keep the vehicle on the same ride height independent of the payload, which improves the handling of the vehicle. KALLER can deliver everything from basic suspensions and ride height control to intelligent semi-active suspension systems.

Gas hydraulic suspension system for off-road military vehicles

Fighting off tough international competition, KALLER won the multi-million US dollar suspension order for Patria, the Finnish defence company. Patria’s order was the first serial delivery of our gas hydraulic suspension system for commercial and military and heavy-duty off-road vehicles.

In the next few years, we are also set to deliver 113 wheeled combat vehicles to the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration (FMV). The vehicles need to be in operation within the Swedish Armed Forces in 2014. The order is the result of a technology development that began six years ago and is based on the gas spring technology that has made us a world leader. The vehicle weight naturally places great demands on our products.

KALLER is not only a supplier of quality products but also acts as a partner and develops tailor-made solutions that meet or exceed its customer’s expectations. In its development process, KALLER always work in close cooperation with customers. Thanks to short decision chains and flexibility, we can combine speed with quality to achieve great results.

Complete suspension units for military vehicles

Our overarching strategy is to in-source as much as possible from development, testing and production. Presently, we are expanding our facilities in Sweden to allow for more in-house testing of components and complete suspension, as well as fully assembled vehicles. In addition, we are building an outdoor test track. The current expansion will also allow for increased in-house production.

We have continuously invested in state-of-the-art production technologies to keep us ahead of our competitors. Our company’s machining resources are a guarantee of consistent quality for customers. The current production pace is running around 1,000,000 heavy-duty gas springs and suspension units per year and is set to increase in the future.

Gas hydraulic suspensions for defence applications

We recently announced the acquisition of the gas hydraulic suspensions assets, more commonly known as Hydrop, from Swiss-based Curtiss-Wright Antriebstechnik (CWAT), part of the Curtiss-Wright Corporation. These assets include product lines with advanced suspension solutions primarily for defence applications.

This acquisition complements our product offering and represents an important step in our growth strategy through adding more know-how and field experience.

The global demand for more complex, highly technical suspension systems is expected to grow substantially in the future, and we are excited about adding these capabilities to our portfolio. Right now our strategy is to infiltrate all major military markets in the world.

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