Electro Optic Systems

Autonomous Weapon and Fire-Control Systems

Electro Optic Systems Pty Limited (EOS) is a key company in the supply of autonomous military surveillance and combat systems. Market demand for these new technology systems is well recognised and continues to reflect rapid growth around the world.

This market pull applies to all aspects of military activity, from software to enhance stores and inventory control, to enhanced weapon systems which do not require the presence of a soldier to engage the enemy. The latter device, long a feature of science fiction, was first developed by EOS in the 1990’s and has been in service with major defence powers since 2002.

Stabilised remote weapon system (SRWS)

SRWS is a combined stabilised gimbal weapon and sensor platform that incorporates FCS’ electro-optic fire control system mounted on its own stabilised gimbal. SRWS is designed to be deployed on all wheeled and tracked vehicles and can also be configured for marine environments.

Modular autonomous weapon systems

The company’s military product family is a series of products, all based on a common module set. These modules include high resolution day/night cameras, thermal vision systems, image processing systems, computer systems, laser systems, sensor systems and power management systems, with separate light, medium and heavy gimbal options, all qualified for the harsh military environment.

By selecting various modules, the product performance and price can be configured to the needs of many customers in the areas of tactical surveillance and/or enhancing combat effectiveness of existing ballistic systems. All configurations, whether for surveillance or weapons systems, result in a compact and adaptable, ruggedised and reliable device.

Fire control systems

Fire Control Systems Pty Limited (FCS) is the Australian defence products subsidiary of Electro Optic Systems (ASX code: EOS). FCS is positioned to meet the global market requirement for fire control and surveillance systems that are lightweight, stabilized, robust and integrated.

FCS products bring together the best in compact, low power and lightweight electro optic technology. This makes FCS products suitable for light and highly mobile vehicles as well as the extreme conditions found in tracked vehicle and marine environments.

The FCS fire control and surveillance system design architecture provides flexibility for tailoring systems to meet different mission profiles. Through the addition and/or deletion of specific components, the FCS system can be tailored to meet a customer’s requirement. The systems have been designed to achieve efficient cost per capability.

FCS systems are designed using small common modules. This partitioning of the different technologies ensures that the whole system runs efficiently. The module approach also allows the overall product to remain in step with technological advancements without the need for major refit or refurbishment. This gives FCS the advantage of being able to bring new products to the market faster than competitors. The system is durable and has been tested to endure extreme variations in temperature and the harshest environments. System components are housed in compact and rugged fixtures developed to also withstand intense weapon firing shocks.

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