Weather Sensors for Weapon Control Systems and NBC Vehicles

ELBW Technology is a Swiss defense electronics company which have developed, manufactured and distributed meteorological weather sensors with no moving parts for over ten years.

ELBW's no moving parts meteorological weather sensors are sturdy and compact automatic instruments, which are able to accurately and rapidly respond to wind changes and have zero starting thresholds. All ELBW weather sensors are designed for use in extreme conditions.

Vehicle-mounted weather sensors for fire control and NBC monitoring

The weather sensors can be mounted on military vehicles for applications such fire control assistance for main battle tank weapons systems, and environmental monitoring for NBC (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical) vehicles. One of the main advantages of ELBW wind sensors resides in the aerodynamical shape of the sensor’s upper parts which mitigates turbulence created by the surrounding environment.

Sirius MIL/L weapons control system

Next generation main battle tanks are equipped with laser range finders, which relay a target’s range to a firing control calculator which subsequently controls the aiming and firing of the tank’s weapons systems. At medium to long ranges, environmental and weather conditions can play a crucial part in the trajectory of a missile, and subsequently, accurate measurement of wind speed and direction, ambient air temperature and atmospheric pressure become important parts of a weapon control system.

The ELBW Sirius Mil/L meteorological weather sensor works with the weapon’s control system to calculate parameters including wind speed, wind direction, ambient air temperature, and barometric pressure.

Sirius NBC/L atmospheric measuring system

The ELBW Sirius NBC/L meteorological measuring system is designed to be mounted on NBC vehicles to analyze the propagation of contaminated NBC clouds. The weather sensor measures the parameters including wind speed, wind direction, ambient air temperature, barometric pressure and relative humidity; safely giving vehicle operatives an accurate reading of the level of contaminant present outside of the vehicle.

Sirius ammunition temperature measuring device

The ammunition compartment temperature measuring device(ACTMD) is a sub-assembly compatible with the Sirius-MIL/L meteorological weather station. Located in the ammunition storage compartment of a vehicle, the main purpose of the ACTMD is to deliver an analog signal proportional to the temperature of the powder ammunition.

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