Fast Deployment Camps, Field Hospitals and Inflatable Tents


Tarpulin provides military camps, disaster relief command posts, field hospitals and shelters meeting NATO and international standards.

The company also manufactures inflatable tents in different colours and sizes, and maintains its stock to quickly deliver solutions for governments or institutions.

Engineered without a metallic frame, the tents have been designed to prevent parts or critical components being lost during storage, transportation or assembly, making erection easier and providing a safer product.

Field camps for emergency relief and exploration

Field camps are used in military and emergency relief situations, as well as exploration sites for the mining industry.

Tarpulin has developed integrated projects for extreme environments. Its solutions enhance user comfort and are 100% autonomous, enabling faster set-up in any terrain or weather condition.

The company's camps are designed to be quickly deployed, and can be provided with specialised equipment, such as water treatment plants, kitchens, fridges, bakeries and sewage systems. The camps can be supplied with a flexible and modular design that can be easily adapted around other solutions, or as a permanent long-term site. Each site is tailor-made according to specific requirements and conditions, and can include amenities such as accommodation areas, dining rooms and storage.

The camps also incorporate auxiliary services, such as climate control applications, transport trailers, and hydraulic and electric systems.

Quickly deployed field hospitals and medical posts

Tarpulin has developed field hospitals that can be quickly deployed and provide medical assistance for any situation or requirement.

The hospitals offer easy transportation, high mobility and efficient relocation. They also make use of the latest technology meeting Nato standards for Level I, II or III missions.

Tarpulin's complete solution can include equipment for x-rays, surgery theatre and advance triages, as well as ancillary resources such as transport trailers, hydraulic and electric systems, and climate control units.

Emergency military command posts

Tarpulin quickly provides command posts for emergencies or military requirement.

Every Tarpulin command post is equipped with fast mobility furniture, basic medical equipment, quick-deployment lighting, and heavy-duty cases.

One-piece inflatable tents for increased field security

Tarpulin manufactures one-piece tents with inflatable purlins that prevent pieces being lost during transportation or storage, increasing security in the field.

The company's high-quality fabrics and manufacturing processes deliver an extremely reliable tent for use in adverse environments.

Each detail of the Tarpulin inflatable tent can be modified to meet customers' requirements. Different sizes and colours are available, as well as a standard size, which meets the specifications of Nato and shelter brands worldwide.

Tarpulin offers fast delivery, customisation and excellent quality in their inflatable tents for governments and organisations.

About Tarpulin

The company has been providing solutions to the armed forces for more than 30 years, and has delivered products to some of the most demanding camps, shelters and field hospital projects in Chile.

Tarpulin has provided its designs worldwide, with a focus on South and Central America.

Tarpulin is a certified company, and proudly holds ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OSHAS 18001:2007, which assure all procedures in the company comply with the environmental, risks and control procedures.

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