Shelter Tent Manufacturing

Custom-Made Military Shelter Tents

Shelter Tent Manufacturing, established in 2006, is a Chinese company that designs, develops, manufactures, sells and rents clear-span aluminium structure tents for the military industry.

As well as the military, Shelter's tents are very popular in the event planning industry and with charity organisations. Buying from Shelter guarantees high-quality products at competitive prices backed up by our unrivalled technical experience, expertise and excellent after-sales services.

We have a wealth of production and exporting experience when it comes to military tents. We have worked with armies and governments all over the world, including the Chilean Army, Paraguay Marines, the South African government, and many more.

Clear-span aluminium structure tents

Our tents are made from high-tense hollow aluminium alloy and double-faced PVC coating synthetic fibre. We are extremely proud of our high-quality, high-class products, for which we have to thank our skilled set of engineers and technicians.

All of our factory operations are strictly conducted in accordance with ISO 9001:2000 quality control standards. We own the CE/GS (TUV) quality management system certificate.

The width of our tents clear-span structure can be produced from 3m to 60m. Shelter tents are available in a variety of shapes, including domed, 'A' frames, square pagoda, high-peak conversions, hexagonal, octagonal, polygonal and any other customised shape.

Wind-resistant military shelter tents

The MT1 series shelter tent was designed for military use. It has a clear-span structure with no interior poles and is designed to maximise the use of interior space. The MT1 shelters use 84mm x 48mm x 3mm aluminum alloy for the tent frame structure.

The MT1 series uses heavy fabrics, which allow it to be resistant against wind up to 80km/hr. This makes the MT1 series shelter tents a vital addition for military expeditions in extreme environments where the severe weather could affect soldier performance.

MT series tents can be used as a single unit or with an additional rain gutter, which can be combined to create more space and original structures. Our fabric is fireproof and the flame retardant is DIN4102 B1/M2, because at Shelter safety is our main priority.

Custom-made tents

Shelter's tents can be custom made to suit a client's specific requirements. We are happy to help clients decide what they want from their product and then effectively bring it to life. The tents can be easily set up and dismantled when needed. The tents fold down so it is easy to put them in storage when they are not in use or transport the tents to another location when you have to move.

Made with CNC advanced technology the tents are available for sale and rental. The MT1 tent is available with a width of either 6m or 8m wide. The aluminium frame is packed in a membrane film, the hardware comes in a wooden pallet, and the roof and sidewall are packed in a PVC bag.

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