Shelters, Tents and Collapsible Buildings

Russian tent manufacturing company ORT was founded in 1990. Today, the staff compliment is 174, including 12 engineering technique intelligentsia personnel. The principal kinds of production vary from military, humanitarian and tourist tents to those for trading, as well as skeleton awning constructions.

We export our tents to clients from the UK, Norway, Italy, Iraq, Kuwait, Spain, Sudan, Benin, Zambia, Namibia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Kazakhstan and others. We work closely with world-renowned organizations such as UN, the International Federation of Red Cross, UNICEF and varies NGOs.

At the present time our company is the main producer of new types of tents for the needs of the Russian Ministry of Defense, Disaster Management Centre and the Reserve Committee of Russian Federation. We continually develop new tent designs to meet the needs of our customers. 

Our product line is continually demonstrated at Russian and international exhibitions, here are some of those we have participated in:

  • 'Rescue Equipment' (Ministry of Emergencies of Russia)
  • 'Medical-Expo' (Morocco)
  • 'World Aid' and 'Aid and Trade' (Geneva, Switzerland)
  • 'DIHAD' (Dubai, UAE) and others


PAMIR shelters are built with a robust frame structure (no central poles), so that they remain steady in windy and stormy conditions. Installation is simple since the frame elements have the same size and design.

PAMIR shelters are supplied in PVC fabric or canvas, both tested with respect to tensile strength, elongation, tearing strength, bursting strength, coating adhesion and resistance to flexing and flammability.

The structure can be supplied with an inner skin made of 100% natural, light cotton or warmth-keeping acryl (for cold temperature regions) and a groundsheet made of PVC or high-density polyethylene.

Here are the dimensions of PAMIR shelters:

  • PAMIR 8-16.00 M2- 4.50m x 3.57m - apex height 2.10m, eave height 1.50m
  • PAMIR 12-19.50 M2- 5.00m x 3.90m - apex height 2.30m, eave height 1.60m
  • PAMIR 30-40.50 M2- 6.75m x 6.00m - apex height 3.05m, eave height 2.16m
  • PAMIR 36-54.00 M2- 9.00m x 6.00m - apex height 3.05m, eave height 2.16m
  • PAMIR 50-80.64 M2- 13.44m x 6.00m - apex height 3.05m, eave height 2.16m


The M-30 tent (8.57m x 6.77m, apex height 3.48m, 1st eave height 1.78m, 2nd – 3.02m) is designed to accommodate groups of military forces in fields. The M-30 tent has been engineered to meet one main criterion: a tent should be fast to erect and should not require any manuals.

There are no central poles in the M-30 tent; all elements of the frame are the same size and design. The inner awning is made of cotton, and the outer awning of PVC fabric or canvas.

Frame tubes are made of steel with polymeric coating and are connected with steel adapters. The M-30 tent has fitted windows with mosquito netting and sun-proof curtains, two entrances with or with out lobbies and allowance for heater and air conditioning.


Collapsible buildings may be used to build temporary storage places, huge trading markets, ice-skating rinks, car parking, cinemas or exhibition halls. 

Dimensions of the collapsible buildings can be up to 20m wide. There are no restrictions in length and apex height can be up to 5m. As in all our products, constructions are consistent of similar departments.

It quick and easy to build an arc and connect all these arcs into one solid construction. Similarly, it is easy to disassemble these constructions. We can print any type of logo on the awning surface.

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