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B Medical Systems offers a wide range of superior catering equipment for military and other outdoor activities. The field catering equipment programme transport containers and boxes, field refrigerators and insulated food containers.

Insulated transport containers and boxes for fresh and frozen food

B Medical Systems offers a wide range of rugged military insulated containers and boxes for the transport of fresh or frozen food.

The units are so well insulated that they can accommodate the transport of frozen or fresh goods for up to two days by non-refrigerated truck. Different capacities are available from 13l to 1,000l.

Field refrigeration

New developments in the area of field refrigeration include AC, DC and AC / DC field refrigerators / freezers encased in solid, rotational moulded, insulated cabinets. Capacities range from 120l to 1,000l.

Insulated food and beverage containers

B Medical Systems' robust food and beverage containers have outstanding insulation properties to withstand the most rigorous climatic conditions. All containers are portable and stackable and are constructed of solid plastic.

The GB-3 model (11l / 3gal) is the most technologically advanced insulated beverage dispensing container available on the market. It is also available in a 23l (6gal) version. Its stainless steel inner liner ensures perfect hygiene.

The GB-7 and GB-7 Compact models are ideal Gastronormcompatible insulated food carriers. These models can be supplied with stainless steel GN containers and lids.

The GB-18 model is a 65l, front opening, insulated container to transport Gastronorm containers, and is equipped with two integrated carrying handles.

The GB-24 model is a new 100l, front opening, insulated container to transport Gastronorm containers, and is equipped with two integrated carrying handles. It offers a superior insulation performance.

B Medical Systems also supplies the GB-24 PLUS model, which has a thermoelectrical system for an increased hold over time of cold or hot food preparations.

B Medical Systems GB 4 is a lightweight 17l insulated container that can be used to transport cold or warm meals for small groups to the field of operations.

Model GB-10 is a new and unique insulated container containing a 24l cooking pot. It can be used to transport to, or prepare basic meals in, the field of operations.

B Medical Systems' solution for the storage and transport of blood for military and civil aid use

B Medical Systems' RCB boxes from the Blood Chain range are specially designed to meet the requirements of field conditions for military tasks as well as for civil aid organisations.

This to transport temperature-sensitive supplies such as blood and blood products, plasma, blood samples and pharmaceutical products. Made of rotomoulded polyethylene, these transport boxes offer excellent mechanical resistance, as proven by drop tests, and are not subject to corrosion.

They are perfectly suited to intensive use, with frequent handling under difficult climatic conditions. The polyurethane foam injected between the double walls of these boxes ensures perfect insulation and thus preservation of the quality of blood, blood products and pharmaceutical products even over long periods of transport.

Used with frozen icepacks or also wet ice for some versions, they are fully self-sufficient with respect to the ambient environment and therefore ideal for all transport stages.

The icepacks the boxes require as their source of refrigeration are frozen in a supplementary device specially designed for this purpose (MT 900).

The boxes RCB 2 - 25 offer different gross volumes (2.2l - 44l) and transport capacities (1 - 40 blood blags).

The RCB 42 P is a thermostabilizer designed for storing and transporting pre-cooled blood and medicinal products over long periods of time. The refrigerating unit operates with nearly all types of electricity (DC/AC). The RCB 42 P ensures mobility and provides all the services of a blood bank refrigerator.

All boxes are in conformance with ADR RID (2008/68/EC), IMDG (2002/84/EC) and ICAO-TI / IATA-DGR.

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