Soanar Defence

Defence Embedded, Display, Wireless, Power and Interconnect Products

Soanar Defence is a specialist business unit within Soanar with a sole focus on Defence. Calling on the resources and expertise of the engineering and product specialist teams within Soanar, this business unit delivers relevant electronic products, systems and services to the defence sector with a minimum of fuss.

A quality-endorsed Australian company, Soanar has been a supplier to the local and regional manufacturing industry since 1963. Soanar’s experience and depth of products supported by a stock catalogue, coupled with the convenience of a dedicated industry web site and a 24/7 e-commerce service with online ordering capability.

Soanar has developed areas of speciality which are supported by teams expert in the specific disciplines relating to each activity. The following divisions meet these criteria.

Embedded hardware platforms

With product ranging from embedded computers to chassis and transport enclosures we assist in developing the right hardware platform for your requirements. Technologies include PCMG1, EPI Bus, PCI, SBC, ETX, CPCI and TCA as well as Box, Panel and Rugged Laptop computers.

LCD/TFT display panels

This group of products is made up of multiple suppliers offering LCD/TFT panels from 2.4in – 47inch in open or closed frame and associated controller boards. These can be further enhanced with various touch interface options. Additionally we have access to outdoor displays with up to an IP67 protection level.

Voice and data transmission systems

We can provide solutions for transmitting data and voice across networked or stand-alone units with supported protocols include HSDPA, GSM/GPRS, GPS, WLAN, RF, Zigbee and Bluetooth.

Power supply and transformer equipment

With an in house design service for transformers, we can provide custom linear and switch mode power supply solutions, as well as PCB level AC/DC and DC/DC modules.

Electrical interconnect equipment

Our assemblies include: wiring looms, IP-rated industrial assemblies, PVC injection moulding, smart cables with embedded PCBs, antenna connectors and much more.

Soanar EcoTech

Offers a broad range of renewable energy technologies and related products including components, solar cells, panels, modules, kits, wind generators / turbines and much more.

Soanar lighting solutions

General lighting, architectural and specialty lighting, signage, backlighting and industrial and commercial lighting with leading fixtures, fittings and accessories make up the items on offer from this division.

Order viewing and tracking tools

Our complete set of tools enables customers to manage bill of materials, orders, inventory and delivery with real-time visibility and control through a secure internet portal.

About Soanar

Soanar, an Australian company headquartered in Melbourne has over 45 years of experience. Distributing a broad range of electronic components, embedded systems and related products, Soanar works closely with designers and manufacturers in industries such as; automotive, communications, entertainment, medical, lighting, security, appliance and many more.

What sets Soanar apart from other distributors is our local, dedicated and experienced team’s ongoing commitment to servicing our customers and supply partners alike.

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