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High-Reliability Interconnect Solutions for Defence Applications

Smiths Connectors

Smiths Interconnect is a prominent supplier of reliable, application-specific electrical interconnect solutions, ranging from spring probe contacts, micro-miniature connectors and highly integrated assemblies.

The company is made up of brands Hypertac, Sabritec and IDI, all synonymous of outstanding performance when vital applications need a high-quality, technologically advanced, multi-pin electrical connection for safety and reliability.

Essential interconnect solutions for defence projects

Smiths Interconnect provides a wide variety of both custom and standard interconnect solutions manufactured for optimum performance within challenging environments that are fundamental for defence projects, such as extreme temperatures, shock and vibration.

Our fit-form-function and robust connectors combine electrical connectivity knowledge with cabling expertise and and application experience. Offering customers low ownership costs and optimal system performance.

Defence connectors from Smiths Interconnect include PCB, circular, EMI / EMP filter, high power, Mil / Aero standard, high-speed data, modular / rectangular and spring probe solutions.

Our high-power solutions are available in single, multi-pole and rugged versions up to 1200A, enabling outstanding performance in adverse conditions. They are available with high-power contacts and hyperboloid and can be offered as fully tested and assembled pre-cabled connectors according to customer requirements.

Defence against hostile environments

Interconnect solutions from Smiths Interconnect are manufactured and designed with a final purpose in mind. Our solutions are therefore used within the majority of defence applications where standard connectors cannot meet the requirements.

Custom interconnect systems from Smiths Interconnect are rugged to allow for contact, simultaneously providing exceptional performance benefits in adverse environments.

Next generation connector systems

Smiths Interconnect's spring probe-based connectors have become the leading standard for high-performance accessory interconnects, and continue to be central within land mobile radio interconnection.

Spring probe-based connectors are ideal for antenna applications, accessory interconnection, power delivery, mixed signal and blind mate, as well as being shock and vibration resistant, compliant and able to withstand more than ten amps without a considerable rise in temperature.

Technological solutions for fighter transport and rotary wing aircraft

Smiths Interconnect develops advanced, innovative technological solutions for modern fighter transport and rotary wing aircraft.

Our technology adapts to environmental concerns such as vibration, shock and extreme temperatures, along with reliability required for flight critical systems.

Connector solutions from Smiths Interconnect serve in a range of airframe applications, including navigation systems, communications equipment and cockpit avionics.

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KVPX® Connector Series 11 July 2016 The VPX market is an extension of the VME market, since VPX is predominately a high-speed replacement and / or upgrade technology. New designs moving forward can be broken into two categories, event driven and data driven.


Quadrax Connector Series 13 June 2016 Standard connectors such as MIL-DTL-38999 are intended for use as general purpose connectors in a variety of applications.