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RSG Connexion - Military Cable and Harness Products

RSG connexion is one of the main actors in Sweden for harness manufacturing for the Swedish Defence Industry. We can support everything from the single component to the complete harness, ready to plug-in. This also includes D38999 and VG95234 connectors that are assembled in house.

With more than 25 years of technical experience of harness manufacturing, we offer the complete solution from qualified guidance and design to prototyping and production.

Harness and cable assembly

With the customer's requirements in focus, coupled with our technical knowledge and overall capability, we are able to offer everything from standard cable products to the more advanced, sealed and ruggedized harness systems, suitable for military use in extreme environments.

Our competence together with our customer's ideas allows us to reach the best solutions and products for every unique project. At the same time we have the capability for serial production of various customer designed harnesses.

Our markets range from Commercial, Industrial and Railways to Aerospace, Defence and Marine where we today offer solutions to a wide variety of applications


Due to excellent collaboration with a number of world leading suppliers, we can offer a wide selection of harness assemblies and components.

We carry a sizeable inventory and with many products in stock, we are renowned for our short lead times and flexibility.

Connector assembly

We are QPL qualified for assembly of D38999 series III connectors in collaboration with Deutsch.

As the only company in Scandinavia, RSG connexion is approved for connector assembly according to the VG95234 standard. These connectors are assembled with parts from Amphenol.

We have competitive pricing and short lead times for smaller quantities since the connectors are assembled in house.

Company information:

RSG connexion was founded in 1984 and we are ideally situated in Karlskoga, central southern Sweden, where our main offices house both sales and the production facility.

We are certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and work according to a process that constantly makes us evolve and improve our selves which in turn allows us to successfully move in line with these demanding times and today's tight timescales.

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RSG Connexion
Baggängsvägen 18
Tel: +46 586 77 11 60
Fax: +46 586 77 11 69

Harness Systems we are able to offer everything from standard cable products to the more advanced, sealed and ruggedized harness systems.
Handmade Harness System All the harnesses are handmade in our production facility.
RSG Connexions RSG connexion is QPL qualified for D38999 series III assembly.
Connexion Assembles Connectors RSG connexion assembles connectors according to VG95234 standard.
Military Harnesses Harnesses ready to be shipped to one of our many customers.
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