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Milspec Manufacturing - Military Alternators, Key Monitors and Cabinets

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Milspec Manufacturing is a precision engineering company engaged in the contract manufacture of industrial, commercial and military products. Our customers include a variety of government departments, rail, utilities, telecommunications and infrastructure organisations as well as many Australian and international defence agencies.

We work in close partnership with our customers to ensure that we provide not only a quality product but a quality service.

At Milspec we offer our clients a range of turnkey solutions, from the inception of an idea, its research and development, proto-typing, production support and post production analysis. Located in Albury / Wodonga, one of Australia’s largest inland centres, Milspec has easy access to all Australian capital cities, international and domestic freighting facilities.

Military alternators

Our military alternators were originally designed in the 1980s to meet the joint requirements of the Australian, British, Canadian and US defence forces. A rigorous modification and improvement program has seen enhanced reliability of the units since the original design, including modification for commercial applications. Our range of military alternator products includes:

  • 28 Volt, 100 Amp inductor alternator
  • 28 Volt, 160 Amp inductor alternator
  • 28 Volt, 300 Amp inductor alternator

The military alternators and components are manufactured to high quality specifications and standards that meet military requirements for performance and reliability.

We offer military alternators to:

  • Military vehicle manufacturers / repairers - for example, the successful Australian made Bushmaster is equipped with a Milspec Manufacturing alternator in both the Australian and UK variants
  • Large vehicle manufacturers (Trucks, buses, agricultural and mining machines)
  • Auto electrical wholesalers/repairers

Key monitor systems

Our key monitors systems products are designed to suit a wide variety of organisations, including government departments, prisons, and military installations. The key monitor systems incorporate an easy-to-use, wall mounted system that offers total control and complete management of keys and their use.

The key monitor houses all of your keys and may only be accessed by authorised personnel after entering their access code. Only keys programmed as available to that user are shown on the Key Monitor touch screen for release. All other keys are electronically held within the cabinet. A virtually unlimited number of users and their access levels may be programmed into the key monitor's on-board computer. Keys may be individually timed and alarmed, ensuring attention is drawn to keys not removed or returned at a designated time.

A complete record system operations is retained within an event log, which you can view on screen or by print out. A battery backup ensures all functions and programs are retained in the case of mains power failure.

Features of our key monitor systems include:

  • Virtually unlimited number of keys can be monitored
  • 10/100 networking via standard RJ45 connector
  • Remote control via network option
  • Multiple systems coordinated via network option
  • Central event logging via network option
  • Event log records last 1600 events
  • Printing to network capable printer for reports
  • Touch screen and graphics display for ease of use
  • USB port for connection to computer, mouse, keyboard and printer
  • Battery backup allows full operation after mains power failure
  • Solid metal outer door available
  • Virtually unlimited number of access levels
  • Duress alarm available with silent alarm output
  • Virtually unlimited number of alarms available
  • May be connected to central alarm system

Secure cabinets and enclosures

Milspec Manufacturing produce an extensive range of quality enclosures to suit a wide range of applications under the brand name of KG Sheetmetal Products. All products manufactured by KG Sheetmetal Products are compliant with IEC 297 International Standard.

Enclosure and cabinet standard colours and finishes

Any of our enclosures can be finished in a range of colours and finishes. We have an extensive selection of colours in either gloss, satin or textured finish to suit any requirement.


Milspec Manufacturing offers an integrated approach to your requirements, from research and development, prototyping and full production and testing. The integration of this turnkey solution, along with a project management team, sets Milspec MAnufacturing apart amongst other engineering companies.

Our integrated solutions include:

  • High-reliability cabling / wireless harnesses
  • PCB design and assembly
  • Electromechanical assembly and test
  • Precision CNC sheetmetal
  • Complex CNC milling and turning
  • Welding and fabrication
  • Powder coating of products using polyester or epoxy finish to customer specifications
  • Electronic and mechanical design
  • Maintenance and repair
  • Through-life support
  • Integrated testing including CMM, surface texture, hardness, environmental, calibration and electronic

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Milspec Manufacturing Pty Ltd
161-169 Fallon Street
Albury NSW
+61 2 6022 7100
+61 2 6040 9866
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