Gill Sensors

Specialist Position Sensors, Level Sensors and Custom Solutions

Gill Sensors is an established supplier of specialist sensors for military applications. Our extensive range of products has been designed specifically for the harsh environments commonly encountered by military applications, providing robust, accurate information that can be relied upon.

We understand that specialist military projects often require bespoke products that are suited to the specific application. Working with Gill to develop a solution results in a product that matches your exact technical requirement, using innovative technologies that are proven in the industry.

Our broad areas of expertise encompass:

  • Non-contact position sensors (particularly suited to military vehicles and transmission applications)
  • Capacitive liquid-level sensors (particularly suited to both land based vehicles and UAVs for fuel, oil and coolant level monitoring)
  • Specialist technical research and development projects (specialist electronic product design and development)

We are an MOD security-cleared company with staff, premises and systems approved to UK and certain international defence standards.

Non-contact position sensors

Gill non-contact position sensors have no moving sensor parts, ensuring long life in particularly harsh environments. Sensors are available for linear, angular and rotary measurements, all sealed to IP67 and fully submersible. Standard and custom Gill position sensors are currently used throughout the military industry for specialist vehicle feedback of steering, transmission, brake-wear, hatch openings and similar applications.

Capacitive liquid-level sensors

Gill Sensors is a world-leader in capacitive liquid level sensor design and technology. Our extensive range of products is used worldwide for high-technology applications where highly accurate and reliable liquid level measurement is required. In addition to the military sector, applications range from top-level motorsport (Formula 1 and Le Mans) to specialist mining machinery and process control.

In the military arena, applications include land-based vehicles where our liquid level sensors are used for:

  • Final drive oil level monitoring and low level warning control
  • Engine oil level monitoring
  • Transmission oil level monitoring
  • Coolant level monitoring
  • Fuel level (multi-fuel and diesel) monitoring

UAV sensors

We are a supplier of capacitive fuel and oil level sensors to specialist military UAV manufacturers worldwide. Our UAV sensors are designed using materials including titanium and carbon-fibre, allowing us to produce sensors weighing as little as 40g. The sensors are lightweight, robust and highly accurate. With no moving parts, they are true solid-state devices and can be depended upon throughout their life. Our ability to rapidly produce custom sensor designs gives great scope for integration into current or future applications.

Specialist electronic research and development for sensors

Gill Technology employs highly skilled engineers with vast electronic hardware, software and product design experience. We pride ourselves on the innovative products that we produce and have the design and manufacture capabilities to take your specialist research and development project through the full product realisation process.

Total project management

Our experienced team of engineers will manage your project from inception through to final delivery, working closely with you through all stages of the design process to ensure your technical, costing and timescale requirements are realised. We will manage product approvals, including BS, CE and Type approvals, intrinsically safe, ATEX, safety critical systems and military standards

Our products utilise the latest technological advancements and are designed to be robust, ergonomic, highly flexible and user friendly. We provide a fixed cost, on-time delivery service coupled with excellent post-sales technical support.

About Gill

Gill Sensors and Gill Technology are business units of the highly successful Gill Research & Development Ltd, established in 1987. Based in Lymington on the south coast of the UK, Gill provide electronics and development solutions to customers worldwide. We have BS EN ISO9001:2008 accreditation and pride ourselves on the levels of innovation we provide to the military industry.

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