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Military Charging Systems: Fuel Cell Generators and Power Management

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SFC Energy is technology and market leader in off-grid and grid-connected power generation based on fuel cell technology and distribution.

SFC has shipped more than 27,000 fully commercial products to law enforcement, defence, industrial and private end users, and has created a convenient fuel cartridge supply infrastructure.

The company has developed a strong customer base within the NATO and US defence communities. Fully integrated fuel cell / battery hybrid systems by SFC Energy offer the army a wide range of safe, lightweight and independent power sources for nonstop equipment operation by soldiers in the field. Solutions range from vehicle-based power generators to turnkey energy solutions used as field charging devices and finally to lightweight man portable systems as an alternative to carrying spare batteries.

SFC is DIN ISO 9001:2008 certified. SFC is based in Brunnthal, Germany, and has a sales and technical service office in the US. SFC Energy AG is listed in the Prime Standard on the German stock exchange (WKN 756857).

Silent on-board power for defence vehicles

Military vehicles require reliable on-board power for electrical and electronic devices to support soldier missions. The vehicles also have to act as charging stations for soldiers in the field.

Having to start the vehicle engine to charge batteries results in emissions, waste of fuel and significant noise, jeopardising the defilade. A silent, emission-free and fully automatic fuel cell system on-board will provide continuous, independent power, without ever producing noise, smell or thermal signature.

The EMILY 3000 fuel cell system is a ruggedised vehicle-based power generator specifically developed for military applications. It enables nonstop operation of on-board and off-grid equipment. Integrated into tactical vehicles, SFC's EMILY 3000 fuel cell provides quiet, continuous and independent power.

Inside the vehicle, the fuel cell is connected to the on-board power system and batteries. It constantly monitors the charge status of the batteries and will recharge them when needed, quietly and automatically, without requiring any user intervention. Vehicle-based devices can be operated for days without having to start the engine. As the fuel cell produces no noise or thermal signature, power generation inside the vehicle cannot be detected from the outside, providing a decisive strategic advantage for silent watch operations.

One EMILY 3000 has a charging capacity of up to 3,000Wh per day. For higher power demands, several EMILYs can be combined.
EMILY fuel cells have successfully been integrated into light tactical vehicles of different European Armed Forces. It is suitable for retrofitting almost any type of light tactical vehicle, such as the Land Rover Defender or Mercedes LAPV.

Turnkey off-grid power for demanding defence applications

EMILYCube 2500 is a stand-alone and silent power generator for demanding defence applications. It combines a 100W fuel cell, a battery and a 10l fuel cartridge in a lightweight, compact box.

This turnkey energy solution is quiet, reliable and user friendly, just like all SFC fuel cells. Weighing 13.5kg (21.9kg with 10l fuel cartridge), EMILYCube is a portable charging station that will immediately deliver reliable power when plugged in.

Transportation of the 10l fuel cartridge, at a weight of only 8.4kg, from a logistical point of view, is much easier compared to diesel or batteries. At 100W, EMILYCube offers more than 100h runtime with a single 10l fuel cartridge. At partial load of e.g. 25W, the runtime on a single cartridge is 400h and even more.

Use this turnkey energy solution to silently power communication terminals, remote sensors or portable radars. The system can be used on and off-vehicle.

Man portable off-grid power solutions

Forget about heavy batteries. Carrying reliable off-grid power with you has never been easier: the JENNY 600S fuel cell and the SFC Power Manager 3G by SFC Energy form a highly efficient portable energy network to charge any electrical device.

The portable JENNY 600S provides power directly to electrical devices or recharges secondary batteries. The small fuel cartridges contain 0.35l of methanol with a charging capacity of 400Wh each, equaling 2.2 BA-5590 batteries and saving you up to 80% weight.

With SFC's Power Manager, several electronic devices can be simultaneously supplied with electricity by the fuel cell. It also allows integrating any other available power source.

This intelligent portable power solution has already won several defence prizes, the most prestigious being the US Department of Defense Wearable Power Prize for mobile power supply solutions.

The fuel: high energy density - low weight

All SFC fuel cell solutions use methanol as a fuel. Methanol, also known as wood alcohol, features extremely high energy density. A 10 l (2.64 gallon) fuel cartridge at a weight of just 8.4 kg (18.5lb) has a capacity of 11.1kWh and will, for example, continuously power a 25W device for almost 20 days.

User friendly military products, proven safe in mission use

All SFC military products are designed to meet Mil-STDs and are already fielded by different military organisations. SFC fuel cells contain no hazardous components. Defence organizations have rigorously tested methanol fuel to determine whether it would catch fire or explode. In situations when it really counts, having a reliable, safe and independent off-grid power system can make a major difference. Critical missions no longer have to be interrupted for battery replacements or recharges, and important systems do not fail anymore due to empty batteries. All these factors significantly increase soldiers' safety, mobility and effectiveness.

Customised developments

We are always working on improving our products in power and size. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss special power requirements. Together, we will find the right product solution.

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